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5 Unexpected CCTV Benefits Besides Video Recording

cctv benefits

CCTV system is getting widely used in Johor Bahru, especially for business. People can benefit from it, including effective crime deterrents, and it can also be a good source of forensic data. But, are there any other CCTV benefits besides video recording?

CCTV was originally used for video recording, but as crime rises in Johor Bahru, the volume of data needed and proof to be given to law enforcement has led CCTV equipment manufacturers to provide more advanced features.

Not all CCTV features to suit every user. It depends on the users’ requirements on what feature they need to protect their premises. You will need to know what you need before installing your CCTV.

We will help you to understand what other CCTV benefits you can get besides recording. You can make the most out of CCTV by understanding its features. So let’s explore more about the CCTV advantages that are important to you.

CCTV Benefits #1 - Motion Detection

cctv benefits

One of the CCTV benefits of modern CCTV systems is motion detection. If you have infrequently-accessed areas in your premise, especially a business premise, it can be pretty useful as there won’t be anyone in your business premise at night most of the time.

CCTV systems with motion detections allow your CCTV to start recording when there is a detection of motion within its field of view. Instead of continuous recording throughout all day, which you will end up with hours of footage, you will maybe need thirty seconds of people coming and going.

You can save up much of your backup space this way, as only footage containing relevant data will be stored. You will save some costs on storage, backup, and archiving. It also allows you to browse your footage more easily and retrieve data when needed.

CCTV Benefits #2 - Infra-Red Lighting

cctv benefits

CCTV can only capture objects if there is some amount of light shining on them. The light doesn’t need to be in the visible spectrum. If you need to record during the night, ensure you get an infrared CCTV. Infra-red lighting is one of the common CCTV benefits. Infra-red CCTV has integrated infra-red LEDs. They use it to illuminate the objects in their field of view.

These CCTV are marketed as “day/night CCTV cameras.” It can automatically detect the ambient light level and turn the infrared LEDs on and off whenever needed.

CCTV with infra-red features doesn’t add much to the price of your CCTV system. But don’t be confused that you can get good quality footage from cheap CCTV. Some models may not have sufficient illumination levels, or they won’t adjust automatically, which will lead to poor-quality footage. You can check the sample footage if needed on the internet.

CCTV Benefits #3 - Automatic Number Plate Recognition

cctv benefits

Another common CCTV benefit is the automatic number plate recognition. It is an advanced feature that allows the CCTV to detect and read vehicles’ number plates automatically.

For this feature, it really depends on your need. The value of this system is more towards integration with archiving, access management, and parking management software.

Using automatic number plate recognition can help ease parking access, reduce transit times, and keep accurate & real-time data on parking spaces. Lastly is controlling and logging entry to a building parking space. You will need this feature unless you have a big parking space, such as a hotel or shopping mall.

It can be complex if you use automatic number plate recognition, but it can be useful. Ensure that you have high-quality imaging hardware for this feature. Also, your CCTV will need to be installed properly with proper lighting, the field of view, and distance parameters.

CCTV Benefits #4 - Facial Recognition

cctv benefits

Facial recognition is similar to automatic number plate recognition but detects human faces. It allows the CCTV system to match a person’s face with an internal database record, letting you know who had passed the CCTV.

Facial recognition is a very powerful feature, which you can use it in many settings where customer service or security is important. It is usually used in hotels, casinos, or banks to spot or track customers. It helps to recognize unauthorized persons or intruders who enter the business premise.

Facial recognition can be a handy feature, but it also has problems, such as price and accuracy. The hardware supporting this feature can be expensive, so be prepared to pay a sum for it. For accuracy, it can be complicated to recognize a human face. Sometimes the system may fail to do it. Commonly, we will make the mistake of identifying the wrong person. It goes the same for a computer, but most of the time, they are right. There will be times when they fail to recognize people.

CCTV Benefits #5 - Real-Time Alerts

cctv benefits

Real-time alerts, also known as push notifications, are a relatively new feature for IP-enabled CCTV. This feature allows issuing an alert to your smartphone or tablet when there is any detection.

This feature can be useful, but it should be deployed with care. As the system will issue an alert when there is motion detection, there may be too much irrelevant material. People will end up assuming that all the alerts are bogus. Instead of increasing security, it may not give much help.
Besides that, real-time alerts may look simple, but they depend on very complex cloud technology.

Some CCTV models rely on the manufacturer’s infrastructure to relay the alerts. While others allow you to deploy your own infrastructure, so you won’t need to rely too much on third-party tools.

Here are some CCTV benefits that you may not expect. As technology advanced, manufacturers tend to upgrade the technology according to the user’s needs. Some may need certain features, while others may require other features. So choose the right CCTV according to your requirements.

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