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4 Reasons Why We Need AI Surveillance Systems

4 Reasons Why We Need AI Surveillance Systems

It is always important to feel secure, and that is why the security surveillance systems, especially the automated monitoring system, was booming with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

So, what is AI? 


“Any task performed by a machine that would have previously been considered to require human intelligence.” — Minsky and McCarthy

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What are the “smart and intelligent” things that AI does in the security surveillance system?

AI is a technology that allows a camera to improve video analytics by integrating data processing and image processing. 

So, how does AI surveillance systems brings positive impacts? 

Why do we need an AI surveillance system in our daily life?


1) Real-Time Monitoring

AI Surveillance Systems Real time monitoring

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In those days without AI, we saw from movies or drama, we needed a lot of manpower to interpret human or object detection. With AI surveillance systems, it helps prevent information overload.

Video data from all connected CCTV cameras are constantly interpreted. When unusual objects or activities are detected, it will alert the security operator. This enables the human staff to be an active participant in security while minimizing the need to view typical day-to-day activities.

These days, various large IT vendors have come up with AI solutions that can detect unattended objects like bags in airports and public spaces, enabling security agencies to take action before it’s too late. 


2) More Efficient Than Humans

AI surveillance systems human fatigueImage by Canva

CCTV monitoring is only accurate and efficient when there is a person monitoring it on the screen, at all times. However, humans will experience fatigue

People cannot keep a regular eye on video footage for a long period of time. They may miss out on crucial security clues which can lead to disastrous consequences for the organization. 

The benefit of AI surveillance systems is that AI can be trusted to be accurate at all times. AI will not experience fatigue and this can replace the human deficiency. 

AI surveillance systems have enabled us to analyze video footage more quickly and cheaply than ever before. They are making their way into home security cameras, with companies like CSI Solution offering a quality AI surveillance system to safeguard your home and business.


3) Improved Foolproof Technology 

AI Surveillance Systems

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The latest AI technologies now have superior face recognition, object recognition and event recognition capabilities. For your home security, AI surveillance systems cameras will analyze all activities 24/7

At the same time, the improved intelligence features will only alert you to the activities that are relevant to your home’s security such as doors or windows opening and people trespassing. 

For public use, an AI surveillance system can identify a person through faceless recognition, where a person’s physical characteristics such as height, posture and build can be used to identify them in a crowd. 


4) Patented Video Interface Technology

We have understood that AI helps with real-time monitoring, which means AI will perform image analysis in real-time too. Therefore it is important to have an AI surveillance system with high-resolution security cameras.

It was known that AI can be used to sharpen low-quality images to enable humans to make meaningful information analysis through the naked eye, but high definition (HD) cameras will pave the way for proactive surveillance, which helps to protect property by detecting and deterring crime. 

Here is a patented technology called High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI). It supports up to 4K ultra high definition resolution. It presents a true-to-life image with impressive clarity that captures even the tiniest of details. 

Sounds complicated? This video could explain more in detail.



The desire to protect our homes is a nature calling our life. We wanted to know everything before it happened. It is a necessity and has prompted the innovation of AI surveillance systems. 

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