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5 Best Tips on Making the Most of Your CCTV

Making the Most of Your CCTV

Have you ever thought of making the most of your CCTV? Installing CCTV is getting popular now. Of course, the main purpose of installing CCTV will be security. Installing will be your first step for protecting your premise, but do you know what the next step is? 

It is equally important to ensure your CCTV systems are running at their maximum usage. CCTV can detect potential intruders, and when there is a need to use it for evidence, you will be able to provide it. Can you imagine how frustrated you would be if you can’t find any helpful footage when you need it, even having to install a CCTV system.

If you are planning to get a CCTV or already have one, you would like to know how you can make the best out of it. Here are some tips for you to look through.

Making The Most of Your CCTV

1. Install CCTV At The Right Location

Making the Most of Your CCTV
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First of all, which is very important is the location where you install your CCTV. Make sure that you are installing where it has the best spot and covers all the angles you want. If you have installed your CCTV for a while, it will be nice to check your footage and ensure that the coverage is what you want. It wouldn’t be nice if your CCTV didn’t cover areas where the intruders are likely to break in. You won’t be recording anything of the break-in, if there is any. 

Another point that you should consider is the nearby foliage or debris that may obscure your CCTV camera. If you can’t relocate your CCTV system, make sure the area is kept clear from anything that will block the footage.

Define the purpose of installing. If it is for monitoring general activities like children in the house, placing a wide-angle lensed camera should work. If for monitoring entryways for security, a narrow lensed device with night vision will be suitable.

2. CCTV Preventative Maintenance

Making the Most of Your CCTV
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Please spend some time cleaning your camera lens or polishing it. It will tend to get dirty and dusty as time passes, or you will even notice spider web on it. They won’t be working well as they will look unused and uncared. Sometimes even bad weather can cause a build-up on the lens. This will obscure the view, and your footage will be useless.

You should also minimize the deterrent effect, and if the lens of your camera becomes mucky, you will be having a hard time identifying the burglars or vandals. It will increase the difficulties. Just take some time to clean your camera, and you will be able to get a highly detrimental result. 

The camera itself will develop frayed wires or other issues. This will render the footage ineffective. Once you notice the footage of your CCTV is becoming blurry or appearing debris spots, you should act promptly as you won’t be getting the results you want. So don’t overlook it.

3. Make Sure CCTV Are Recording

Making the Most of Your CCTV
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This may sound a bit ridiculous, but it’s too common. Making sure the CCTV is recorded may sound like a no-brainer, but many cameras don’t come with cloud storage or a hard drive or SIM card, especially if you are getting your device through some online shopping platform which is very common now. 

You have to pay some subscription fees to access the cloud storage for some devices. While others may have to slot in SIM cards for the recording. 

Let’s talk about the typical reason. Installing a CCTV is for security purposes, and of course, you would want to provide any evidence you have if anything occurs. For example, people will have more packages delivered than usual during this pandemic. But there may be an increase in theft. A live stream could help catch an act in the process, but if it is not recorded, you wouldn’t have any evidence.

So make sure that you are recording the footage. Check with the professional on how does the recording works.

4. CCTV Infrared Capabilities

Making the Most of Your CCTV
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Infrared cameras use thermal imaging tonologies to pick up the heat from objects nearby. It is crucial especially capturing the images at night. Criminals often act in the darkness, so it is important to have the infrared capabilities. 

These types of CCTV are an excellent option for night security and places where there don’t have street lights. It will enhance your cameras’ low light capabilities and capture clearer images in less than optimal lighting.

They can be used in the daytime, but the sun’s heat may make other objects appear to have heat and distort the results.  Although infrared cameras won’t be the best to identify a suspect, they can stop activities before it happens, especially during the night.

5. Motion Sensor Of CCTV

Making the Most of Your CCTV
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Motion sensors are handy as they will help your system focus more on immediate threats on threats in motion and investigate further. It will also help to deter criminals who accidentally trigger them. 

Sometimes it may not be enjoyable to constantly push notifications on your phone because someone just delivered some package or the tree is blowing in the wind. Some cameras are allowed to have specific settings like people-only alerts, package alerts, and many others. Check with the professional on the settings to avoid getting annoyed with so many notifications.

Since you are installing the CCTV for security purpose, you will want to make a full use of your CCTV to ensure that your premise is protected. The tips above will help to guide you through a bit while you decide to install a CCTV. 

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