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5 Essential CCTV Features To Look Into

CCTV Features

There have been more CCTV features in recent years that you can choose from. CCTV has become an important part of security, but IT and Security professionals tend to struggle when it comes to selecting the CCTV features. They can’t decide which CCTV features are nice to have and which are a must-have.

There are different CCTV features in the market to suit different needs. If you can’t decide which CCTV features you need, it will be easier to pinpoint what you need when evaluating a new CCTV system. CCTV features were considered premium a few years ago, but now it is just the baseline. A good CCTV system will help whenever there is an incident. 

It is important that you invest in the right CCTV system with the CCTV features you need. If you are unsure about what CCTV features are there in the market, we will list some common CCTV features for you to consider.

CCTV Features #1 - Night Vision

CCTV Features
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The quality of the CCTV footage is critical. Most CCTV footage is black and white video. One of the CCTV features you will want to invest in will be a night-vision CCTV, or at least those that can record in low light conditions. 

Most CCTV systems can identify people within approximately 20 meters. The visibility can be up to 50 meters. These CCTV systems use infrared night vision technology, which is sufficient. It may also use heat-vision CCTV for entirely dark areas. Heat-vision CCTV can produce images by detecting the object’s temperature difference and the surroundings. The larger the difference, the bigger the contrast and more details will be captured.

Heat-vision cameras can be used for a more challenging environment, but they may not be necessarily needed for every home. It will be a good choice for business spaces

CCTV Features #2 - High Resolution

CCTV Features
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High resolution is one of the essential CCTV features. The resolution of your CCTV can affect the quality of CCTV footage. With a high resolution, it helps you to identify people clearly at the scene. Get the highest resolution CCTV that you can afford. 

But how high the resolution you need depends on what type of CCTV you get. Analog CCTV will send the signals to a DVR and converts them into a digital image. If you consider getting an analog CCTVthe resolution range should be between 450TVL to 700TVL

You will need to consider the DRV’s maximum resolution if you are getting an analog CCTV, as it will only digitize the images to their maximum resolution. For example, if you have a 700VTL camera and your DVR can only record at 500 TVL, you will still have a low-resolution image. Ensure that your DVR resolution is the same as your CCTV to get the highest quality picture.

For digital CCTV, it doesn’t have an upper limit on resolution. It formats the image within the camera and sends the data to the recording device. You need to note the storage space available on your recording media. Higher resolution will require more storage space.

CCTV Features #3 - Motion Detection

CCTV Features

If you are looking to cut down the footage being recorded, you will want to consider motion detection as one of your CCTV features. Rather than recording 24/7 and taking up space of your storage drive, the recording will pause until something moves with the frame with motion detection. Besides that, it can help to save your internet data as there will be fewer backups needed.

Some advanced motion detection systems come with movement tracking. The CCTV will follow the person in their field of view. It can even trigger alarms to alert the intruders. You may be getting alerts on your computer or phone when something is moving. 

CCTV Features #4 - Cloud or local storage

CCTV Features
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Storage is a must-have CCTV feature. Without any storage device, your CCTV system will not be effective as there is no footage recorded. Most CCTV offers either local or cloud storage

Local storage captures everything that happens. The recording will be saved directly to a nearby storage drive. When the drive is filled up, there won’t be any more footage saved until you have emptied the hard drive. 

For cloud storage, you will have more storage space, and you can access it at any place when you have an internet connection. But for this option, there may be an annual charge with a limited amount of storage. If you want to keep your footage, you will need to offload your footage to a local drive or another cloud storage service.

CCTV Features #5 - Remote Access

CCTV Features
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One of the most important CCTV features is remote access. You can install an app on your phone or tablet to access your CCTV over a wireless connection by having this feature. This gives you varying degrees of control. Some CCTV allows you to view the footage through a particular website.  

You can see live footage from your mobile while you are away from home by having remote access. You may activate or deactivate the camera remotely. Besides that, you can control how and where you can access your security system. Sometimes they are integrated with other smart home devices, such as dimming your light or turning your water heater on.

Here are some common CCTV features that you will want to consider. Certain CCTV features such as storage and CCTV resolution will be important as it will affect your CCTV footage. 

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