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4 Unexpected Benefits Of Motion Detection Home Security Cameras

motion detection

There are many features in the home security cameras nowadays. Motion detection home security camera is one of them. Motion detection has become one of the most important features. 

There are many types of motions sensors nowadays. It can install in homes and businesses. It is manufactured with personal security for homes, while businesses are designed to protect the premise on a larger scale. 

Technology is now getting advanced. In recent years, you can view the home security camera with your smartphone app from any location. With motion sensors, each household can enjoy an advanced level of security and protect their family and belongings.

You may want to know more about motion detection home security cameras. We shall tell you more about it. 

What Is Motion Detection Home Security Camera?

motion detection
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Before we go into the benefits of motion detection home security cameras, let us briefly introduce what it is about. 

A motion detection home security camera detects an unauthorized movement in the area that is installed, particularly during hours when you are not around. It will be activated when there are motions. 

If you install a motion detection camera, instead of recording 24 hours, the camera can be triggered by motion.  There are two types of detection, one is passive infrared, and another one is computer vision.

Passive infrared works by looking for infrared radiation. It monitors the heat that is emitted by all living creatures. The motion sensor can detect body heat or temperature differential between the object and the background. This allows the camera to distinguish between a tree branch swaying or a human walking across the lawn. It will signal the camera to start recording when it sensor the heat and alert the user.

While computer vision is a broader approach, the software will analyze the difference and register a motion when significant changes are detected.

Benefits of Motion Detection Home Security Camera 1: Sensor Body Heat

motion detection
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Motion detection home security cameras can sense body heat. They can filter out inconsequential activity compared to CV-based cameras, such as tree branches swaying in the wind or curtains fluttering when a fan is nearby.

As passive infrared is power efficient, it often comes in battery-powered cameras. It can keep them in a low-power non-recording area until a movement is detected. They can switch to a high-power recording state for a fixed period. 

Motion detection allows for more significant analysis of the scene. They can be computed on the remoter server in the cloud but will need to pay for the subscription. This may be an additional cost for the owner.

Benefits of Motion Detection Home Security Camera 2: Fixing False Alerts

motion detection
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One problem with motion detection is that it may have a false alert. This is the most significant sore point for the owner when receiving a notification on your phone, but only to find out that your pet tripped off your camera. 

But this may also be a benefit for the owners as you won’t miss any alert on the safer side. Although the user may receive many notifications, it is better to be safe than sorry. Nowadays, camera manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce the incidence of false alarms. There will be setting like allowing you to adjust the sensitivity level. It will be more or less pronounced motion triggering the sensor. Reducing the sensitivity level may require the moving object to be warmer or closer for the camera to detect.

Another option is to set motion detection zones. This ability allows the user to tell the camera to ignore the activity in a specific area. It is a more user-friendly solution to allow the camera to focus on locations where movements are most likely to be indicated.

Benefits of Motion Detection Home Security Camera 3: Rodent and Pest Detection

motion detection
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Motion detection doesn’t only detect humans. Slight movement from small creatures like rodents can also be picked up. Sometimes, when you are out of your premises, certain detection works like mice and rats can be detected and save you trouble worrying if your house has pests. 

If you want to find out where is the rodents coming from, you can view it from your footage, looking out which place they seek out. 

Once you find out what pest you are dealing with, you can do some planning on how to prevent the rodents from accessing your property. You can also provide the footage to the pest control company to let them figure out the best way to get rid of the pest.

Benefits of Motion Detection Home Security Camera 4: Long Distance

motion detection
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When installing a motion detection home security camera, the distance of detecting the motion is quite important. Certain motion detectors will only be able to detect when the person is directly in front of the camera. This isn’t the most effective option. You wouldn’t know which part of the house a burglar will break into. 

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor camera, the distance that the motion detector can sensor should be up to 40 feet away. This wouldn’t be much of a problem for indoor, but if it is an outdoor camera, the perfect distance will be around 40feet. If you detect objects that are too far away, you will get too many false alarms.  

If you are hesitating whether to buy a motion detection home security camera, these tips will help you decide. It is always a good thing to consider getting an additional feature. It will enhance your security even more.

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