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IP CCTV Storage Options 2022 Guide

ip cctv storage options

It can be overwhelming when it comes to IP CCTV storage options. Setting up a CCTV system on your premise is easy, but things will start to be different when your footage accumulates. There are many IP CCTV storage options in the market for you to choose from, depending on your need.

With the wide range of CCTV in the market, the requirement for IP CCTV storage and prices tend to increase. The cost for the CCTV appliance, such as NVR, DVR, and NAS, can be above the price of the CCTV system.

Setting up the CCTV system on your premise can be cheap, but you will need some compromises. One of the most affordable ways is to reuse your existing hosting account if you have a website for your business. But you will need to check with the provider if it is possible to store footage from your IP CCTV.

There is some host that doesn’t allow any storage that is unrelated to the website files. At the same time, some hosts offer hosting plans with clear limits on them. You can check if there is any free storage as long as it is legal.

Local IP CCTV Storage Options

ip cctv storage options
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When talking about local IP CCTV storage, it is for 24/7 footage recording, advanced image process, and detection. The bandwidth requirement for CCTV that runs 24/7 is huge and could overload your internet connection.

If you are looking for a 24/7 recording, the local IP CCTV storage option will be your primary storage medium. If you don’t need to record 24/7, you will want to look for remote options which are better and cheaper.

One significant disadvantage of local IP CCTV storage is that the data is all stored at the same place, which is not safe for security purposes. You will need additional investments in protecting your CCTV security. Some users may combine local and remote storage.

Local IP CCTV Storage Options #1 - Micro SD Cards

ip cctv storage options
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Micro SD cards are quite common and are cheap. The installation of CCTV that supports Micro SD cards is easy. A 64GB SD card recording at h.264@ 5736Kbps, can store around 24 hours of footage. Although it is a cheap option, you will want to take note that it is only suitable for temporary storage or buffering. Their reliability is low, and their chance of failure will increase if it is installed outdoor.

Micro SD cards should be your last IP CCTV storage option. It still has their benefit, such as where there is no internet connection, you can still view your footage. When using SD cards, you need to ensure that your CCTV is protected as the CCTV footage is stored inside.

Local IP CCTV Storage Options #2 - NAS

ip cctv storage options
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NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. The main purpose for NAS in the IP CCTV local storage is for backups. Besides that, it can be used for shared storage or a personal cloud. It is a good option for storage as it can use for main storage or backup storage.

However, using multiple CCTV, NAS devices can be underpowered to manage it. The cost for advanced ones can increase very fast. You will also need to consider your backup appliance. You will want the server to be utilized only for one task and minimize the risk of your backup being corrupted.

Local IP CCTV Storage Options #3 - NVR / DVR / CCTV Appliance

ip cctv storage options
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If you are getting multiple CCTV for your premise, you will need proper storage, such as NVR/DVR. NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. This is a device that locates near your local area network. It usually includes a PoE switch to power multiple cameras and specialized CCTV software.

DVR functions the same way, but it works with analog CCTV. As analog CCTV is getting outdated, DVR won’t be your choice unless you use analog CCTV.

This option can be expensive and complex. Unless you are using multiple CCTV, it is better to use NAS or re-purposing an old PC which is a cheaper option.

Online IP CCTV Storage Options

ip cctv storage options
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All online IP CCTV storage options share the same disadvantage. They will need a constant internet connection. Online IP CCTV storage options are mainly used as a secondary storage option for backup purposes or allow you to view your footage remotely.

The interfaces of the CCTV and NVRs should be protected by a firewall, NAT, or VPN to prevent being hacked. Running your CCTV interface publicly can be a massive risk to your security. Infected IoT devices perform many DDoS attacks. Most of them are IP cameras.

Setting up a VPN on all your devices that can access your footage can be troublesome. You should find a paid web host or cloud storage provider to host your footage.

Online IP CCTV Storage Options #1 - Cloud Providers

ip cctv storage options
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You can search for cloud providers to host your CCTV footage, but most big cloud providers, like Google, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., don’t offer direct uploads from IP CCTV. Some dedicated CCTV cloud providers do, but their prices may not be low.

Some CCTV manufacturers have started to offer their own cloud storage solutions for some of their CCTV. This helps to simplify the process, but it has its drawbacks. Using the cloud storage option provided by CCTV manufacturers, you are locked into their product portfolio, which doesn’t work well with all brands.

You can search for a free plan but usually will have a limit, as their primary purpose is to upsell you to the higher-tier plans.

Online IP CCTV Storage Options #2 - FTP Server

ip cctv storage options
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FTP is a mature technology that all IP CCTV can support. Setting up is very easy and is a cheap and flexible option. You can view your CCTV footage easily from anywhere worldwide, and you don’t have to worry about security without setting up VPNs.

But most hosting providers aren’t a good choice for FTP storage hosting. They have limits hidden in terms of use, and the usage generated from the IP CCTV usually falls within these limits.

Having proper storage for your CCTV footage is important for your security purpose. These are the common IP CCTV storage options that you can find in the market. It is important that you find one that meets your need.  

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