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Understand You CCTV Footage Quality: 5 Important Things

cctv footage quality

When installing a CCTV system, the CCTV footage quality is also a factor you would want to consider. The CCTV footage quality determines how much detail you can watch. With a bad quality of CCTV footage, no matter how good is your CCTV system, you can’t get the best out from your CCTV system.

Suppose you do not have any idea what to consider about the CCTV footage quality when getting a CCTV system for your house. In that case, we will be sharing some information regarding the CCTV video footage quality. Different types of CCTV will have different kinds of resolutions, which will affect the CCTV footage. 

Best Resolution For Better CCTV Footage Quality

cctv footage quality
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If you are looking for a better CCTV footage quality, the best resolution CCTV footage can achieve will be 4K to 8MP. CCTV that accomplish this resolution, the CCTV footage quality will be more detailed and run more smoothly. But not all CCTV can produce such quality due to the limitation. If you are looking for a high-resolution CCTV, a 4K CCTV will be able to produce better CCTV footage. It will be pricier, but it will have a better viewing experience and better CCTV footage quality. 

But if you want to have a high-resolution CCTV, you need to make sure that your CCTV system supporting devices can support it. For example, you will need an enhanced monitor for your 4K security camera. You will have a better viewing. Without the help of the modern screen, there won’t be any help for your CCTV footage quality.

4MP vs 1080P: Which Is Better For A Good CCTV Footage Quality?

cctv footage quality
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If you talk about CCTV footage quality alone, 4MP will be better than 1080p. 1080p is also known as 2MP. It will have two million pixels in a given video footage stream. 4MP will be producing double the pixels to show the details, and you will get double the CCTV footage quality. 

Usually, we refer to 1080p or 2MP as a standard high definition, also known as a full high definition.4K can produce twice as much as 2MP. But to reach a level of quality, there are some requirements to reach.

CCTV Footage Quality: Is 4K Better Than 1080p?

cctv footage quality
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As mentioned above, 4K definitely will be better than 1080 when we talk about the CCTV footage quality. But you will need to pay a cost if you want constantly produce the best CCTV footage quality. The higher the CCTV footage quality you need, the more space you need to store the footage. Your cost will also rise for the CCTV system and the hard disk. You need extra storage space for your hard disk. You will need to consider this if you are getting a high-resolution CCTV. 

When buying a CCTV such as 4k camera that can produce high-quality footage, most CCTV can be configured to produce a lower CCTV footage quality. It doesn’t mean that you can’t change the standard output when buying CCTV. 

CCTV Footage Quality: Highest Resolution For Different Type Of CCTV

cctv footage quality
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Speaking about the highest resolution, different types of CCTV may reach different levels of resolution. 

Analog CCTVAnalog CCTV is a more reliable CCTV, but it may not produce a good CCTV footage quality. Most of the analog CCTV is a product between 1990 and 2010. The highest resolution for these types of cameras reaches up to 720p. There are some high-definition options too. It is known as HD CCTV. The price is affordable, and the video quality can reach up to 8mp or 4k video quality. But you will need to take note that they require a digital video recorder and coaxial cabling. If you have a budget, this will be a good choice, but it will not keep up with innovation.

Wireless CCTV: The resolution that you can look into wireless CCTV will be around 1080p or standard high definition. But their design may not be able to produce an effective result. They depend on the internet, so it will affect your CCTV footage quality if you have a bad WiFi connection. You will need a strong wireless network and a good wireless NVR for them to perform well. 

IP CCTVIP CCTV is more capable of producing a 4K resolution or better. These devices have more advanced configurations and other features to choose from. IP CCTV is more expensive than the other two, but it is worth the price. IP CCTV can be connected to a network video recorder for greater security. If you want the best result, connect your CCTV to the recorder. A recorder can help to provide a better CCTV footage quality. 

How To Have A Better CCTV Footage Quality?

cctv footage quality
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Besides having a good CCTV system, the surroundings can affect your CCTV footage quality. The surrounding environment plays a massive role. You will need to know where to place your camera, the CCTV lens condition, and the surrounding lighting. 

To produce a better CCTV footage quality, you can decide on more technical attributes, such as compression level, motorized zoom, resolutions capability, and infrared.  

Here are some tips that you can go through when looking for a better CCTV footage quality. You wouldn’t know when you need to use the footage for evidence. With better footage quality, it can help you when you need it. 

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