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Install CCTV In Hotels With 5 Unbelievable Reasons

Install CCTV In Hotels

A hotel is a busy place as it is where tourists will stay when they visit a city. When it comes to security, hotels face many challenges, which is why it is necessary to install CCTV in hotels. 

Hotels have multiple entrances and exits. Customers check-in and out of the hotel. They have a basement carpark and busy lobbies where customers leave their luggage. Even high employee turnover that you are unsure of. There is a particular risk of theft and other security constraints.

You may wonder why you should install CCTV in hotels, but accidents happen, especially in places where many people enter the premises. To secure your hotel and the safety of your customers, here are the reasons you should install CCTV in hotels.

Reasons To Install CCTV In Hotels 1: Prevents Theft

Install CCTV In Hotels
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Hotels can be a “hot spot” for theft since it is a place where tourist stays when they visit the city. Especially late at night, when there are fewer staff and visitors, thieves can easily rob at that time. One reason to install CCTV in the hotel is that it helps prevent theft.

Sometimes customers walk out of the door without paying or maybe leave valuables things like keys at the front desk and cannot find them when they want to take them back. Customers won’t want to revisit your hotel if you lose their valuable items. Sometimes the staff may be the theft.

By installing CCTV, it can help the hotel management team monitor the surroundings, especially areas that are more common for robbery. With the footage, the management can verify any conflicts and even help hotels avoid lawsuits.

Reasons To Install CCTV In Hotels 2: Improved Security

Install CCTV In Hotels
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Letting hotel guests and visitors feel safe while staying in the hotel is another reason you should install CCTV in hotels. Hotel guests and visitors shouldn’t worry about their safety during their stay. 

When you install CCTV in hotels, hotel guest and visitors gets an assurance of security and feel more comfortable staying in the hotel. CCTV not only provides general security but also recognizes activities in the hotel area. It helps to keep watch on every spot on your premises and provide an alert. 

Visiting a hotel should be a safe experience. CCTV in public areas such as lobbies and corridors can let guests slow down and relax. If any incidents are happening, the management can call for intervention immediately. 

Reasons To Install CCTV In Hotels 3: Helps Identify Vulnerabilities

Install CCTV In Hotels
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Another reason to install CCTV in hotels is that it can help keep your hotel property safe and detect any vulnerable activity taking place in your hotel. It can help identify suspicious people entering your hotel, keep an eye on their conversation, and reduce criminal activities.

Many people are entering the hotel at any time. CCTV helps to get a clear picture of the person’s face at any point in the hotel. By installing CCTV in hotels, you can quickly track the visitors’ activities and prevent a break-in. It helps to restrict trespassers out of the hotel area.

The best place to install CCTV in hotels is at the hotel entrance. It allows you to get the perfect image of the visitors when they enter the building. They can be easily identified when there are any issues. 

Reasons To Install CCTV In Hotels 4: Hotel’s Reputation

Install CCTV In Hotels
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Hotel reputation is important for any hotel, so it is important to install CCTV in hotels. It is very competitive in the hotel industry. Customer service is the priority for hotels, it will affect the appreciation and satisfaction of the guest. Security is one of the services to ensure your guest has the best stay. 

Hotels can’t afford any incidents that will lead to negative reviews and publicity. It is very important to install CCTV in hotels. A CCTV can help ensure that there will be no negative incidents happening. It helps to provide your guest peace of mind.

With the help of CCTV, the risk of accidents that may occur will reduce and add value to your hotel. This will lead to your hotel’s overall reputation and increase your customer loyalty base.

Reasons To Install CCTV In Hotels 5: Health And Safety

Install CCTV In Hotels
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Another reason to install CCTV in hotels is the health and safety. Unexpected accidents can happen anywhere. This includes hotels. It can be falls, slips, or even confrontation. If there is a CCTV, and it happens to catch the incident. You can view the footage to see what has exactly happened. 

With the footage, it can help to prevent similar incidents in the future. Also, if the guests want to take any legal action against the hotel, CCTV footage can be used as evidence.

Determine Where to Place Security Cameras

Install CCTV In Hotels
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As hotels involve hotel guests’ privacy, you need to be careful to avoid infringing the guest’s privacy. Here are some strategic positions where you can install CCTV in hotels

– Access points: This enables you to get a clear view of who is entering and exiting the building. Place at least two cameras at different angles at the entrance.

– Open area: Open areas such as parking, swimming pool, and hallways. Try to avoid blind spots as criminals may take advantage of them. 

– Restricted area: Areas such as offices and warehouses that hold important assets. Installing CCTV at this place may help to catch criminals.

– Exterior: CCTV should also cover external premises around the hotel to protect the premise from the neighborhood and trespassers. 

It is important to install CCTV in hotels to protect yourself, the hotel guests and staff, and the hotel’s reputation. Try to secure your hotel without interfering with the hotel guest’s privacy. For the reasons above, get a CCTV system soon for your hotel.

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