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Do You Know the 5 Common Problems of CCTV cameras at night?

Problems Of CCTV

Have you wondered, why sometimes your CCTV cameras are not functioning well as they should during the night? Struggling to fix it? Here I will share some common problems of CCTV cameras at night and ways to handle them.

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Problems of CCTV at night

Do You Know the 5 Common Problems of CCTV cameras at night?

1. No Image At Night

Ever experience your CCTV not showing any image at night? It is one of the common problems of CCTV. It can happen to wire or wireless CCTV.

The first thing first you need to check is the power supply. It will not function when there is no power supply except if it has an emergency battery. That’s a different story to tell. You can check by ensuring all the connections are and the infrared is illuminating. It means that the power supply is getting through to the camera without any problem.

You can also test your camera by using a different  DVD/NVD port. It is to ensure that the problem is not coming from your DVD/NVD. You may also change the input cable and connectors purposely to test whether the cable still can be used. Sometimes the cable used might not be compatible and not properly installed.

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2. Voltage Drop

cctv image when voltage drop

Image by 2M

Before we move deeper, do you know the meaning of voltage drop? Voltage drop means the “decrease of electrical potential along the path of a current flowing in an electrical circuit”, Wikipedia

Usually, this kind of problem is usually related to the cable used. When the cable is too long and does not have enough copper it will drop the voltage. When this happens, you will see the image deterioration. 

You must ensure your cable is made from pure copper cable and not from CCA or Copper Clad Aluminum. If you’re not sure about the types of cables, you can seek information from expertise for example CSI SOLUTION company. They can explain more details about the cable and the amount of power that CCTV actually needs.


3. White areas on the Screen

The other one out of the 5 common problems of CCTV that you might face is the screen turning white during the night. It usually happens due to the reflection back made by the infrared into the camera lens.

Sometimes, this problem is also due to the unsuitable placement of your CCTV cameras. According to the expert, they point out that white screens shown on CCTV or IP security cameras could be caused by a sudden voltage drop or insufficient power supply.

So, avoid placing your cameras behind a glass window. This is because the IR light will bounce back to the camera lens, washing out the image.  You have to ensure to put the visor in line with the back of the camera body.

The visor will protect your CCTV cameras from direct light or any reflection. Hence, it will minimize the amount of white light and other lights that disturb the camera’s view.  The video below shows where to install and point your security camera for a better view. 


4. Moving Spots In Front Of The Camera

Sometimes, you may experience moving spots like spider webs in front of your camera. You will notice it clearly especially during the fog weather condition where there is a water droplet that is suspended in the air to reflect the infrared.

This will create the moving spots in front of the camera. To overcome the problem, you can try to cover your CCTV camera with a visor or hood.

CCTV visor protection

Image by Matty smith Photo

Or else, you should make sure that your camera housing is properly fitted and tight. Another option,  you can place a silica gel packet inside the camera housing and replace the foam seal to increase camera housing protection.


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5. CCTV Color Problem

Have you ever experienced that your CCTV cameras only show pinkish images? Sometimes it can turn out to be greenish. Yes, this problem not only can occur during days but also during the night. Why did this happen?

This is one of the most common problems of CCTV. It is actually caused by a few factors, but most of the time it is caused by IR CUT that did not switch off properly to filter out the invisible light or get stuck.

pinkish problems on CCTV cameras

Image by AliExpress

Here are a few tips for you to overcome this problem. You can start by power cycle the camera.  In other words, you can turn off the camera and turn it on after 20 seconds. For those who are using rechargeable wireless security cameras, you can pull the batteries out and put them back to resync or re-initialize the camera.

You can also try to clean up the insides of the camera. But, these things should be done carefully. You need to slowly disassemble the CCTV cameras and try to use gel bags to collect the condense that may be stuck inside the camera.

If the IR Cut Filter is permanently damaged or stuck, try replacing the whole IR board with a new one. You need to research online the part number for your camera’s model and order one. Or you can seek any company, especially the security service company and video management system vendors. 


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