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Install CCTV At Parking Lots: 5 Useful Guides

CCTV At Parking Lot

As there are more choices of shopping malls and hotels nowadays, people tend to visit and travel around. One thing that people tend to neglect is the safety of the parking lot at all these places. Is it necessary that we need to install CCTV at parking lots? Is it safe, or does danger surround us even in a parking lot?

Many hotels owners or shopping mall owners are installing CCTV at parking lots for safety reasons, but there are still some parking lots without one. If you haven’t installed one, there may be consequences that you need to bear. 

You will want to read this article if you are still wondering why you need to install CCTV at parking lots or find it a tough job to install one at your parking lots. We will go through everything you need to know regarding installing CCTV at parking lots.  

Importance of Installing CCTV In Parking Lots

CCTV At Parking Lot
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There may be many reasons people will give for not installing a CCTV in parking lots, but it is necessary to install one. Not only does it help secure your parking lot and keep your customers safe, but it also helps law enforcement if there is any incident. It helps to get justice for victims. 

Besides that, it can help to prove if there are any damages or stolen items. The footage can help to verify any false liability claims. It helps to keep track of people who are getting into your property and reduce trespassing. 

You will want to plan which place will be the best to install your CCTV. This is to avoid your CCTV being spotted and targeted. You will also want to avoid installing at a place with a blind spot. Businesses such as hotels and shopping malls will have an indoor parking lot, but if your parking lot is located outdoor, remember to protect it from the weather.  

Install CCTV at Parking Lots #1: Find the Most Suitable CCTV System

CCTV At Parking Lot
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No matter how big is your car park, IP CCTV will be the best choice for monitoring your parking lot. IP CCTV will give you the convenience of viewing your parking lot remotely. You will be able to get live streaming on your mobile devices. 

When installing CCTV in parking lots, it is better to install a CCTV system with a higher resolution. The 3 popular high-resolution CCTV will be 1440p (4MP), 1080p (2MP) and 720p. The higher resolution your CCTV has, the CCTV footage will be clearer. If you want to get the criminal’s face and car license plate, especially when driving, the best is to install a CCTV with 1440p.

Install CCTV at Parking Lots #2 - CCTV with Night Vision

CCTV At Parking Lot
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Although many incidents happen in the daytime, you will still need to pay attention to the security at your parking lot. Many crimes occur in the parking lot, especially carjacking, abductions, and sexual assaults. All these crimes usually happen in dark spots in parking lots. 

A night vision security camera with IR LEDs will be a good choice to get clearer footage of your parking lot, especially under low lights. It will help you to deter criminals that are happening in your parking lot. 

Install CCTV at Parking Lots #3 - Low Cost

CCTV At Parking Lot
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If you think getting a CCTV system for your parking lot is high, then you are wrong about it. Nowadays, the cost of CCTV is not that high anymore. You will want to weigh the pros and cons of investing in a CCTV system in your parking lots. It will lose a lot more if any crimes happen in your parking lot.

You will want to check if the CCTV system allows you to check your parking lot without any WiFi connection and power supply. Some advanced CCTV will benefit you. You will be surprised that most reliable CCTV are affordable. 

Install CCTV at Parking Lots #4 - Motion Sensor and Zooming Features

CCTV At Parking Lot
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As most people will be moving around in the parking lots, choosing a CCTV system with motion sensors is best. With motion detection, the CCTV can detect any movement near it. It is also best to program for zoom-in to catch every bit happening in the parking lot. 

When installing a CCTV at parking lots, those with motion detection will work better than those without motion detection. It will also help save time and money, making it more reliable. It will provide you with better protection. 

Install CCTV at Parking Lots #5 - Analog or Digital

CCTV At Parking Lot
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Another factor you want to consider when installing a CCTV at parking lot is the type of CCTV you plan to install. Is it a digital or analog CCTV? There may have some capabilities that aren’t the same. 

Analog CCTV will be a better choice for on-site viewing, but they may have higher volume recording. In contrast, digital IP CCTV allows you to view remotely from your mobile devices. They have a higher resolution, and because they are wireless, it is easier to install anywhere in your parking lot. 

Final Thoughs

Your parking lot security means a lot especially if you are running a business. Installing a CCTV in parking lots will help to boost your security as security guards may not be able to oversee the whole parking lot alone. Choose one that fits your need so that you can run your business in peace. 

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