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The buttons in the keypad are for the security code to operate the Alarm System. With just a push of the button, it can arm and disarm the security system and also with the help of the technology, you can ensure the protection of your resident at your fingertips.

You don’t have to worry about anything, luckily the Alarm System comes with backup battery support. When the power is operating again the battery will be recharged itself for future use.

Yes, there is a mobile app controller that is available for the Alarm System. It is quite common for looks for things to operate using mobile because it will be convenient and easy to usage. With Bluguard mobile apps, you can receive updates straight away to your own mobile phone even when you’re overseas.

1. Draft CCTV Camera Location

The first thing is to make a plan and decide the spot where you would like to install your CCTV camera. You can focus on the high traffic spot where the people could break-in. If you are using the CCTV camera for house security purposes.


2. Draft the Cable Route

Basically, you will need a power supply and cable running. The cable will connect to the center control unit where all the video data will be processed. Find the nearest route if you are installing a CCTV camera at your 2 storeys, or 3 storey house.


3. Setup the CCTV system

To set up a full set of analog CCTV cameras require analog CCTV camera, digital video recorder (DVR), LAN cable, network router, workstation/monitor.

Connect in this way: CCTV Camera —> DVR —> LCD monitor / router. The router allows you to connect to the internet and the remote view from any internet-connected device.


4. Install the device

Install your CCTV camera at 2 to 3m on the ground for you to capture and wider and clear image.


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Yes. Audio recording through CCTV Cameras has become a popular feature that is available.

HD CVI Camera: you will find a built-in microphone for recording audio.

Network Camera: will record audio using analog signal transmission which helps to access the audio files instantly.

Central Monitoring System

1. Firstly, When the thief comes under the AI camera coverage area. The central monitoring system- AI camera will auto-focus the thief’s action. If the thief tries to break into the premises, then the AI camera will send a signal to the central monitoring system.

2. CSI staff are staying in the video monitoring room 24hr keep an eye on the system. Once the system pops up a warning notification, the CSI staff will activate the alarm to try to drive away from the thief.

3. The thief no afraid of the alarm, then CSI staff will proceed to the next step, call the police to take over the situation.

With the help of the latest technology of the Artificial Intelligence Central Monitoring System. There will be staff monitoring the CCTV Camera looking for suspicious activity. If the staff sense any unusual activity they will immediately trigger the sirens and contact the local police.


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In general it the CCTV camera can record for 30 to 90 days. There isn’t an exact date because there are a few factors that affect the amount of recording such as the number of the cameras that are recording, the resolution of the cameras, size of the storage device and the camera frame rate.

The number of CCTV Cameras depends on many factors like the area to be covered, the level of detail to be captured, lighting conditions, visual obstructions, etc. But if you have a hard time figuring it out it’s sufficient to have professional guidance and consultation to be 100 % sure. There are many CCTV companies at Johor Bahru that you can contact.

  1. Unscrew the top cover
  2. Remove the rain protection cap
  3. Unscrew the front cover
  4. Open the front cover
  5. This is the part that you have to clean
  6. Take the front element and clean it with the clean cloth
  7. If necessary, you can use a cleaning liquid
  8. Wipe the lens until its clean
  9. Put it all back together
  10. CCTV Camera is back in action again


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Yes, it is necessary to have a Wired Alarm System. since the alarm goes off when there is a break in it might help to scare off the burglar or even alert you for your safety.

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Yes of course. Johor has a high criminal activity rate compared to other states. While Johor has many countless numbers houses that do not have CCTV installed makes it an easy target. It is really important to install CCTV Camera at home for you to be secured.


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CCTV Camera

  • Check the CCTV Camera lens if it is focused properly?
  • Is there any dust or scratch on the Camera lens?
  • The position of the CCTV Camera is on the spot
  • Are the motion sensor of the CCTV Camera working?
  • Is the device attached to the wall safe and secure?
  • Is there any obstacle blocking the view?
  • Do all the functions of the CCTV Camera working? (pan, tilt, zoom)
  • Can the CCTV Camera capture a clear image?
  • Check if the interior if the CCTV Camera is dry and clean.


  • Check for any wear out or exposed wires
  • Check for loose wiring
  • Is the cable dressed properly?
  • Are the transmission of the sound and the image is clear?
  • Is the power supply to the device working?
  • Check whether all coaxial connectors are insulated from the conduit and pull boxes

Control Equipments

  • Can you see the monitor visualizing a clear image with the proper brightness level?
  • Make sure do all the switch and individual equipment works well
  • Clean the monitor from dust with micro fabric cloth
  • Is the cable leading to the equipment are in good condition? Is there any weak connection?
  • Check the display time and date stamp is set
  • Check the power connection and the AC plug to identify if it is loose or not


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The camera resolution, video recorder and camera frame rate for both HD CVI Camera and Network Camera are similar. The major difference comes in Cable Type and Cable Run HDCVI cameras use RG59 cable and DC cable for power. To connect your HDCVI cameras to both your DVR and power supply, you will need to use a BNC connector and DC power terminals.

For IP cameras, you will need Cat5e or Cat6 network cable. Since most IP cameras are now PoE (Power over Ethernet), you will need RJ45 connectors to connect your cameras to your network/power supply. Mostly the HD CVI Camera is used for residents and the Network Camera is suitable for buildings, stadiums, parking lots, etc.

Bluguard wired alarm system has full security protection, smooth touch in all kinds of conditions, simple and easy display (LCD), LED indicator light, easy install with the wireless solution and you will receive updates anywhere and anytime.



The small red lights around CCTV Cameras are infrared LEDs or IR LEDs. It is to allow the camera to see in the dark or low light condition. In short, it is a night vision camera.

There are two major types of CCTV Camera offered by CSI Solution which is HD CVI Camera and Network Camera.

CCTV Camera / Security Camera / Surveillance Camera maintenance means taking steps to make sure the camera is in good condition. There is a simple process that is usually taken care of by experts in the security system to identify the presence of damage or problem that may affect the performance of the CCTV Camera.


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CCTV cameras are used from the very beginning of security system development. They are placed at strategic locations around the property to record all movements, which can be used as evidence for any crime scene.

The Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a 24/7 hours intelligent monitoring system and has ultra-high technology to scan all suspicious people and whereabouts and take effective safety measures and behaviours.

The advantages of the Central Monitoring System:

  1. Refer & assist relevant authorities with 24/7 real-time.
  2. 2 hours back up server recording (each camera)
  3. Prevent crime before happen.
  4. Zero false alarm, filters 98% of false alarm in traditional alarm system.
  5. Deter & assist relevant authorities with 24/7 real-time.
  6. Detect real-time errors such as system failure and spoilt hardware.

Benefits of installing CCTV Camera:


  1. Reduce chances of an in-store thief
  2. Monitor your employee
  3. Reduce possibilities of burglary
  4. Develop customer in-store experience
  5. Improve customer dispute resolution
  6. Improve blind spot coverage
  7. Reduce security expense
  8. Improve evidence for insurance claim
  9. Improve employee conflict resolution
  10. Boost employee productivity
  11. Reduce insurance premiums
  12. Prevent Vandalization



  1. Monitor your children’s activity
  2. Monitor your property
  3. Increases the safety level
  4. Peace of mind
  5. Prevent crime
  6. Identify disturbance in the home
  7. Reduced insurance premium

The technical specification of the Bluguard Wired Alarm System has:

  • Zone – 8 + 1
  • Colour – White
  • Display – LED
  • Battery – Rechargeable battery
  • Wireless Compatible – Yes
  • Keypad – Rubber Button
  • Metal Casing Weight – 3.5kg
  • Metal Casing Dimension – 285 x 300 x 80mm
  • Accessories Sensors Compatible – Yes
  • Lighting surge Protection – Yes
  • Auto Dialler System-  Tone/Voice Feedback
  • GSM – Yes
  • Mobile Apps- Yes

Bluguard alarm system special has:

  • 8 Zones Wired Alarm System
  • Built-in Telephone module
  • Backup Battery Supported
  • Suitable for Double Storey Terrace House
  • Voice command feedback
  • User-Friendly Button Interface
  • Lightning surge protection
  • Mobile Apps Control (Require to add-on)

Both Wireless and Wired alarm system has the same function, the installation and maintenance cost is also equal. But which is the best? It is a proven fact that the Wired Alarm system is more reliable whereby the Wireless Alarm System can be hacked.

Wired CCTV Camera Wireless CCTV Camera
1. Attach with a cable 1. Transmitted wirelessly.
2. Connect to the router. Would not have a problem with signal 2. Connect to the Wi-Fi network. Easily get affected by internet disruption
3. Not easily being hacked or hijacked. Stable signal and quality picture display. 3. Possibility to be hijacked. Less stable and quality picture display
4. Not portable and difficult to install. 4. Portable and cost-effective. No permanent installation.


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