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6 Best Place To Install CCTV At Home

place to install cctv

You are thinking of installing CCTV in your house, but have you ever wondered which is the best place to install CCTV at home. Is it good to install it at the front door, or should you install it in the common area in the house?

We believe that most people will face this problem about which is the best place to install CCTV, which can secure your premise. Every level of security will need to be in place. You must ensure that the place to install CCTV is right to make the best out of the CCTV.

The place to install CCTV depends on your property layout and budget. No one rule fits all houses. We will be guiding you in this article on which will be the best place to install CCTV in your home, and you can identify which are the places that are absolute musts based to install the CCTV.

Which Is The Best Place To Install CCTV At Home?

Best Place To Install CCTV 1: Front Door

place to install cctv
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Either guests or unwanted guests such as intruders, they will enter from the front door. The first place to install CCTV at home is the front door. A statistic from the International Association Of Certified Home Inspectors shows that 34% of intruders use the front door to enter the house.  

You can monitor everybody going in and out of your house by installing a CCTV at the main entrance. It is best to install it at a height that others can’t reach to prevent people from tampering with the CCTV, and ensure that you protect your CCTV by putting a protective cover over it. If you are staying in a multi-storey house, consider installing the CCTV at the second level, but ensure the CCTV is pointing at the house entrance. 

Best Place To Install CCTV 2: Back Door

place to install cctv
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The best is to install CCTV at all the entry points to your home. The back door is another place to install CCTV. A back door is usually an out-of-sight place, and it is harder for others to detect intruders entering your house. Ensure that you install a CCTV at the back door too. As we mentioned earlier, at installing CCTV at the front door, the CCTV should be placed at a height where others can’t reach.

A statistic from NACHI shows that 22% of break-ins happen through the back door. You should install CCTV at the secondary entrances, especially if it is used more often than your front door or an entry accessible to a potential intruder, such as a basement door. If an intruder is trying to break in through the back door, the CCTV footage can be an immense help.

Best Place To Install CCTV 3: Rear Windows

place to install cctv
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Many intruders often try to break in by using the windows, so the rear window will be another place to install CCTV. Intruders often choose windows that don’t have a direct view from the road. Most of the time, they will break it or pierce it open.

If you intend to install a CCTV near the window, instead of installing it on the window that faces the road, try to install it at the rear window. It will be less visible to others. If there are any intruders, they won’t realize the CCTV, and it will help you keep a watch on what is happening.
You can consider installing cameras with remote control capabilities, but make sure that you can control them using mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

Best Place To Install CCTV 4: Front And Backyard

place to install cctv
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Sometimes yards are used to keep expensive items like bicycles and cars or other garden items. They are easy targets for intruders. The front and backyard is an excellent place to install CCTV. If you consider installing CCTV in the yard, installing CCTV with a motion sensor and night vision is advisable.

It would be best to face the CCTV towards the entrance gate and place it in plain sight. The intruders wouldn’t want their movement to be recorded. Besides capturing the movement of trespassers, you can watch out when your kids are playing in the yard.

Best Place To Install CCTV 5: Common Areas

place to install cctv
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The common area in the house will be another place to install CCTV. The common area is often neglected when it comes to installing CCTV. Normally installing CCTV in the common area is not about scaring intruders but monitoring your children or elderly.

By installing CCTV in a common area, it can help record any abnormal movement if anything happens. You will want to monitor contractors if you happen to have a renovation in the house or you have a new domestic helper, and you will want to monitor what they are doing. Consider installing the CCTV in rooms with large ground-floor windows that can help you monitor if anyone is tampering with it for a break-in point.

Best Place To Install CCTV 6: Main Stairway

place to install cctv
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If you stay in a multi-storey house, another place to install CCTV will be at the top of the staircase. The CCTV should be installed at a place where a large part of the lower ground can be captured.

If the CCTV is installed at the correct level, you will be able to view a few areas, such as the hall and the kitchen. Installing the CCTV close to the living room ceiling allows you to view who is entering the house and going out of the room, as most of the time, the living room is connected to most of the other rooms.

Here are some guidelines that you can consider when you cannot decide the place to install CCTV. CCTV is to secure your premise. It is important to know where to install it for better security.

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