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Johor Bahru CCTV With Push Notification 2022 Best Pick

cctv with push notification

Modern CCTV comes with many features nowadays, such as CCTV with push notification. You will want to choose the right CCTV for your premise. You may be thinking that you will want to look for security solutions that you can receive instant motion detection alerts, CCTV push notifications on your mobile phone.

Many people looking for a CCTV system will feel the same way as CCTV push notifications are much better to alert you in real-time compared to CCTV email notifications that may be blacklisted or spammed.

You will want to get one, but you may not know how to choose an IP CCTV with push notifications, and there are many options for CCTV with push notifications. The most important thing is what you can do if your CCTV fails to alert you on your mobile phone.

1. IP CCTV with Push Notification and Two-Way Audio

cctv with push notification
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This CCTV with push notification and two-way audio allows you to talk and listen to your beloved ones. Besides, if you have received the notification due to motion detection, you can scare away intruders by giving a verbal warning.

You can also inform the delivery man to leave your packages at the front door using the CCTV with push notifications and two-way audio. You can even refuse a salesperson before he tries to ring your doorbell, which can help avoid door-to-door scams.

When choosing the right IP CCTV with push notifications and two-way audio, you must remember to consider the audio pick-up ability, including the audio volume, lags of two-way communication, and noises.

If you are looking for one of these types of CCTV with push notification, Reolink Argus 3 Pro will be a good choice. It has a built-in PIR motion sensor which allows you to receive real-time alerts when motion is detected. You wouldn’t need to change batteries too often as it has a rechargeable battery.

If you are looking for an outdoor CCTV, Reolink Argus 3 Pro is also suitable to install outside of your premise. It has a wide view angle and an onboard storage option.

2. CCTV With Push Notification Require Smart Motion Detection

cctv with push notification
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Your CCTV will need to detect a motion-triggered event in your premise for you to receive the CCTV phone alert message in real-time.

The traditional CCTV system uses pixels from one frame to another to detect motion. While battery-powered CCTV with a motion sensor, it uses a passive infrared sensor to sense the changes in the surrounding. This helps to save power consumption.

Suppose you do not want to receive too many false IP CCTV motion detection push notifications, or you are not receiving any text alerts when the intruder appears. In that case, you can adjust the motion detection sensitivity property or install your CCTV with push notifications in the right position.

The best pick for this will be Reolink Lumus. This CCTV is packed with PIR and pixel motion detection technology. It can instantly send CCTV push notifications to your mobile phone when any motion is detected.

The CCTV comes with SD card slots to allow you to record the motion events. It is weatherproof, which allows you to place the CCTV outdoor.

3. CCTV with Push Notification and Intuitive IP Camera App

cctv with push notification
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The next thing you need to note is that you must download an IP CCTV app to your mobile phone before receiving the CCTV push notifications.

Suppose you want to adjust settings for your CCTV, such as enabling or disabling your IP CCTV push notifications to your phone and adjusting the sensitivity of the motion detection and disarming motion. In that case, it can all be done through CCTV apps.

So when choosing the right CCTV with push notification for your premise, you need to buy one that is user-friendly and intuitive IP CCTV apps, especially if you are unfamiliar with tech. It is best if the app is free of charge.

Most people using the CCTV with push notifications use paid third-party software. If you get one CCTV with free apps, you will save some money. You will want to search the market to find one that suits you. You will want one that is an intuitive interface and is easily set up.

4. IP CCTV with Push Notification and Remote Viewing

cctv with push notification
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You would probably be thinking what is the next move after you have installed your CCTV with push notification. The next step will be logging into your CCTV apps, monitoring your mobile phone’s live view, and figuring out what is happening.

When you purchase a CCTV with push notification and remote viewing function, you can get to know whether your child or some unwanted guest triggers the notification.

If you are looking for a high-resolution CCTV with push notification and remote viewing, Reolink RLC-511WA will be a good choice. It has a 5x optical zoom function which allows you to zoom in to see the details from your phone after receiving the notification.

Final Words

There are many CCTV options in the market with different features for you. It can be overwhelming. The most important thing is knowing what kind of feature you need.

CCTV with push notification will be a good choice if you need immediate updates if any motion is detected from your house, but there may be a false alarm. You may want to find ways to reduce the number of false alarms.

You can talk to your service provider to get more information about CCTV with push notification, and you will get a clearer idea of what kind of CCTV you need.

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