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Marine CCTV: 5 Important Things To Consider

marine cctv

It can be tempting for intruders to break into boats, especially if it is at open hatches without any owners and with expensive electronics. With a decrease of crew personnel onboard, the crew’s safety becomes more critical as there will be isolated and dangerous places, such as winch areas, steering gear rooms, etc.

Purchasing marine CCTV can help boat owners with practical precautions to protect their boats. It can help to monitor the engine room and provide a good view of people working at the dock, machinery, and stowed equipment. You can mount the CCTV on the bow pulpit to help to dock in crowded harbors.

Same as your premise, there will be blind spots on your boat. Blind spots give intruders or unauthorized personnel opportunities to access sensitive areas. Installing marine CCTV allows you to have more effective control of all areas. It also helps for early assessment when piracy attacks are monitoring the area.

Marine CCTV helps to increase security and make permanent control of sensitive areas possible. But when you are choosing one for your boat, what should you consider? We will discuss in this article.

1. Choose A Qualified Marine CCTV

marine cctv
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There are many marine CCTV choices in the market. When choosing the perfect marine CCTV for your boat, you will want to get a rugged and solid marine CCTV that can last long.

So how do you narrow down the choice? It can be overwhelming as you search through the options. One method is to focus on the brand of the CCTV. Make sure it has a massive user base and a high reputation in the industry.

You want to go through the user reviews as a reference. It can help you evaluate the quality and reliability of your chosen marine CCTV. For example, you can search through the site where real users upload video samples. Check out if the CCTV footage is of good quality.

2. Solutions for Marine CCTV Without Internet Access

marine cctv
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It is common nowadays for CCTV to be connected to the internet. But what if no internet is available in your boats or around the dock? Here is some reference you will want to look through for boats without internet access.

Solution 1: Look for marine CCTV that uses cellular data. This type of CCTV is designed to solve the “No Internet” issue. You can monitor your boats or dock remotely without WiFi and a power source.

Solution 2: Another solution is to buy a marine security system to monitor your boat. The system will have several marine CCTV cameras and an NVR for footage storage. It will continuously record as long as the power is on, even without the internet.

Solution 3: If you have a limited budget, get a wireless marine CCTV with a memory card. It can store motion events on your boat. You can check the footage regularly to update yourself about what’s happening in your boat.

Solution 4: Get a cheap smartphone and basic internet to create a hotspot for the marine CCTV to work. But you want to ensure that your mobile phone battery is always full. Once your phone is out of power, you will fail to receive instant alerts and stream live feed.

3 Marine CCTV With Night Vision

marine cctv
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With little traffic at the dock at night, it won’t be easy to detect intruders committing crimes. It is important to choose a high-quality marine CCTV with a night vision to protect your assets.

Marine CCTV with 1440p or 1080p will be a better choice to get better images at night. Marine CCTV with night vision features has higher resolutions and better image quality. Besides that, it can help you identify some details, such as human faces or license plate numbers.

When there is any unfortunate event, the footage captured will be the most convincing evidence for you to provide to law enforcement officials and insurance providers if you need to claim from them.

4. Ensure Remote Access For Marine CCTV

marine cctv
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Unless you live near the marine, or you will be using your boat every day, it is quite impossible to check your boat every day. Intruders would have come before the next trip you get to check up on your boat. When choosing the marine CCTV for your boat, you must have remote access to your CCTV.

Most modern CCTV allows you to access it remotely with your mobile phone or computer. This includes marine CCTV. Ensure that the CCTV you chose will enable you to access it remotely so you can check the security daily as long as you can connect to your CCTV.

5. Choose The Right Type of Marine CCTV

marine cctv
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As the need for marine CCTV is increasing, a few types of marine CCTV are in the market that aims to cater to different users’ needs. You will need to figure out what feature you need before getting one.

There are wired and wireless CCTV. Wired marine CCTV signals are more stable, and there won’t be an inference from other devices. But wired CCTV can be difficult to install on a boat and expensive. Wireless allows you to run your CCTV without wire, and you can move your CCTV to different positions easier.

Besides that, you will need to find one that can withstand the outdoor elements, such as the weather, as your boat will be placed out in nature. Also, you will need to consider the waterproof function since you will run your boat on the water.

You will want to keep these tips in mind when you are choosing your marine CCTV. You will want your CCTV to last long and protect the security of your boat. Proper position of the CCTV will help to increase the security. So make sure you find one that suits your need. 

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