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Improve Warehouse Security: 5 Unspoken Reason To Install CCTV In Warehouse

warehouse security

It is never an easy task to manage a warehouse. You will need to organize your goods and constantly watch for things happening in your warehouse. With so many goods in your warehouse, you must ensure that your warehouse security is secured.

Installing CCTV in your warehouse not only improves your warehouse security but also gives a safe working environment for your warehouse. Businesses are losing money through cargo theft, a serious business for business owners.

There are many ways to keep your warehouse safe. Surely you can hire a few more security guards for your warehouse, but is it the best way? You will need to consider investing in a CCTV system to improve your warehouse security, which will be a more cost-effective option.

You may think CCTV is necessary for your warehouse, but you wouldn’t know when you need it. So here’s some reason why you need to install CCTV to improve your warehouse security.

Improve Warehouse Security #1 - Deters Crime

warehouse security
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Intruders avoid places with CCTV because they don’t want their actions recorded. There may not be a 100% guarantee, but it can be a preventive measure to improve your warehouse security.

Intruders are most likely to have a second thought when they see CCTV on every corner. A CCTV system can help prosecute them if there are any criminals happening. So you may be thinking about how to install a CCTV system in your warehouse. This is very important when it comes to improving your warehouse security.

You will want to do a background check of your warehouse before installing the CCTV system. It is very important to position your CCTV to optimize according to your building structure. Installing your CCTV in the right place helps to avoid blind spots, repeat recording, and other technical difficulties.

Improve Warehouse Security #2 - Remote Monitoring

warehouse security
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Another benefit to improving your warehouse security is the remote monitoring. The modern CCTV allows you to monitor remotely with your laptop and mobile phone. This is a benefit that you wouldn’t want to miss. Remote monitoring helps you monitor any activities in your warehouse, even if you are on vacation.

You only need a network video recorder (NVR) for remote monitoring. The NVR allows you to broadcast CCTV footage via the internet. You can see in real-time if anything is happening in your warehouse.

This can be very useful if you are managing a large warehouse and you need to monitor multiple areas. By recording down any events that occur in your warehouse, it can be proven in legal proceedings if required. This information will be the most valuable thing in your business.

Improve Warehouse Security #3 - Cover Hidden Places

warehouse security
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Some places can be too hidden to be noticed. This is another factor you will want to consider if you want to improve your warehouse security. You can send your security guards to roam around the warehouse, but they may not be able to cover all the areas—especially those where there are fewer people.

On the other hand, a good CCTV system can help cover areas where your security guards won’t go. But when installing the CCTV, you must avoid blind spots to take the full picture of the site. Consider installing at back alleys and rear entrances. Intruders will usually hide at these places to wait for their opportunity.

Places that are dark will pose a risk to your employees as there isn’t much lighting. Intruders will use these places as concealment. They will hide and wait for a possible victim to attack. It is crucial to add CCTV at these places to secure your workplace.

Improve Warehouse Security #4 - Better Product Tracking

warehouse security
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Businesses are losing a lot from workplace crime. Sometimes you may take quite a period to realize that your final inventory doesn’t tally, as things get missing bit by bit. You will want to prevent this by improving your warehouse security.

You may think it is insane, but you shouldn’t be surprised if you catch your employee stealing some item from the production cue. With the help of CCTV, you can improve your warehouse security and monitor your employees and their behavior.

You can also use the footage as evidence to prosecute them in court. This means you can have a better track of your warehouse inventory. Your employee will tend to behave better when they know someone is watching them.

Improve Warehouse Security #5 - Secure Your Parking Lot

warehouse security
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The parking lot at your warehouse is another area where an intruder can catch you by surprise and take a strike. If there is a lack of monitoring at certain hotspots or exit/entry points, vehicles may be entering the premises.

If there is no proper CCTV system, an intruder may enter your employees’ vehicles and steal their personal items or enter your warehouse to steal goods. Without CCTV footage as evidence, it will be almost impossible to catch the culprit.

Installing a CCTV in the parking lot helps keep track of what is happening on your premises. There is CCTV with the feature of license plate recognition. It can help to identify the car license plate that has entered your premise.

A warehouse is where you store your inventory, especially for those who run logistics or manufacturing businesses. You will need to improve your warehouse security with so many stocks on your premise.

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