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Avoid CCTV Blind Spots With 5 Unique Ways

blind spots

Regardless how good is the CCTV, one of the biggest challenges with installing CCTV is that they have blind spots. Before you start the installation of the CCTV, you much determine where are the blind spot of the CCTV. You should try to remove all the blind spots if you can.

CCTV is supposed to help secure your premise, but do you ever wonder why there are so many burglaries even though the premise has installed CCTV. Partly is because of the blind spots of the CCTV. This can put your premise at a big risk. Don’t take it lightly, or it will be meaningless to install the CCTV.

Here are some tips to avoid the blind spots of CCTV, but before that, we will have to understand how to identify the blind spots.

How To Identify The Blind Spots Of CCTV?

blind spots
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Blind spot is the area that isn’t in the peripheral vision of the installed CCTV. All CCTV has a limited range. No single CCTV can monitor your entire premise by installing at one position.

To identify the blind spots of the CCTV, you will need to find out the camera’s field of view (FOV). The CCTV’s FOV is the viewing angles that a camera can see and record.

There are different lenses for CCTV. You can view different angles by using different lenses. The CCTV will come with a 4mm/6mm/8mm fixed lens or a varifocal lens. In general, a 4mm fixed lens can view an angle of 80°. The areas beyond the 80° are the blind spots that the camera fails to cover.

The best way to identify the blind spots is by going through a trial run. Have a family member or friend pose as an intruder or visitor. Tell them to loiter around, including the front door, possible entrances, and windows. Monitor your camera’s main feed and adjust it accordingly to see everything. Try to do the trial run at a different time with different lighting.

Tips To Minimize The Blind Spots Of Your Camera

1. Check Your Location

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To avoid blind spots of the CCTV, it is important to plan where to place your CCTV. Planning is the key to avoiding blind spots. Installing the CCTV without an appropriate plan will cause you a disaster.

Put some thought into where you want to install the CCTV. Place the CCTV strategically. Review the building plan and install it at a place that will eliminate limited camera FOV. Identify the weak spots that would be easily break-in.

If possible, you can check with the previous homeowner if there were any burglaries before and where they happened. This can help you to plan your security system. You can consult the service provider to determine a plan that works out for your premise.

2. Take Research Photos To Understand The Field Of View

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Another tip to avoid blind spots for your CCTV is to take a photo of the place you want to cover. You can get an idea of the field of view from each camera and determine the lens you need for maximum coverage by identifying the distance you want to view.

You can get an outsider’s POV and make some adjustments to protect your premise by taking photos of your property. It will show you clearer spots that need more protection and monitoring. You can ask for help from your family to do a trial run to approach your premise from a different angle.

Your service provider can use these images and the building plan to develop the best security plan for you. They can identify the ideal location and also which equipment is more suitable.

3. Consider A Wide-Angle Security Camera

blind spots
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You may want to consider investing in a wide-angle CCTV. It can cover all areas easily. You can check out the panoramic fisheye security camera and PTZ security camera. You will be surprised if you find the difference with the standard ones.

A panoramic fisheye security camera will be a perfect choice if you are looking for a wide-angle security camera. This kind of CCTV can view 360-degree without blind spots. They are generally expensive. In contrast, PTZ surveillance camera is also another option if you are on a tight budget.

4. Consider External Factor

blind spots
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Another tip to eliminate blind spots from your camera is considering the external factor. External factors can limit what your CCTV captures. The sun’s movement can affect your CCTV and create gaps and blind spots.

For example, natural forces such as tree branches can block your camera’s view for outdoor CCTV. It will be an advantage for the intruders as it will be blind spots for your camera. Suppose you want to eliminate this blind spot. Do a seasonal trial run to eliminate all possible blind spots. Make it to the point that at least monitor it for at least each season if it is not on a monthly basis.

Another thing to consider is the brightness within the area of the CCTV. If the area is dim or lights will be turned off during the night, you will want additional lighting or infrared CCTV to ensure the picture that is captured during the night is not too dark.

5. Ensure Your Camera Are Free From Vandalism

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It is a fact that intruders don’t like being caught on camera. When installing your CCTV, make sure it is within reach of intruders. They will vandalize or damage the CCTV easily. To prevent this, the best way is to install it at height.

For example, the CCTV is covering your front door area should be on the second floor. It will be harder for anyone to interfere with the CCTV. But one thing you will have to note is that excessive height will impact the video quality. You may also be having a problem identifying the intruder. If you have a limited area to install your camera, consider getting a vandal-proof camera.

It is important that you have to avoid a blind spot on the CCTV to protect your premise. The above tips will help you with identifying the blind spot area. Ask the service provider for help if you need one.

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