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7 Proven Reasons You Should Not Hire Security Guards Anymore

7 Proven Reasons You Should Not Hire Security Guards Anymore


You own a factory now thinking to secure all of your business’s valuable stuff, and the first choice that comes across into your mind is to hire security guards. Maybe this is not the best option. There are many reasons why you should not hire security guards.

Simply because nowadays many new technologies are coming up in the pipeline. The most useful technology applicable in various of our life activities is Artificial Intelligence (AI) being introduced into security service.

Do you know that AI technology is programmed into security system act as a pair of eyes in the Central Monitoring System? This fantastic technology provides a 24/7 security solution to the factory owner.

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Why You Should Not Hire Security Guards Anymore for Your Factory Security Service? 



1. Hiring Security Guards is Costly


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The main reason why you should not hire security guards is the cost. Think about the cost to invest in a security team, then you should read about why a security system is worth the investment.


There are 2 channels to hire security guards, either you hiring personally or go through a security company.


     1. Hire security guards personally 

  • Hire security guards personally will put a lot of responsibility on your shoulder. You will need to take care of their welfare this includes their salary, employment benefit, accommodation, and all of the daily necessities.
  • Foreigners are most preference suit this position due to lower monthly salary wage but to import them from oversea, must go through many parties and government agencies. The cost of hiring foreign security guards from overseas is huge.
  • The basic employment benefits shall give to the security guards such as annual leave, annual increment, medical leave, public holiday, and so on.


      2. Through a security company

  • Through a security company is much easier. You just only need to sign a service contract with the security service provider. The security company will manage the manpower and pay the guards a certain percentage of money from you.
  • The security company has a contractual obligation to provide a certain number of guards for you. If the security company fails to supply contracted service, is it in breach of contract?
  • Most of the time, security companies manage a big amount of guards, most probably you can get a cheaper cost with equivalent service to compare to hire them by yourself.


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2. Prone to Fall Asleep Late Night


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Security guards in the factory are responsible to take care of the premises day night. It is impossible to avoid working a shift basis, keep adjusting the body biological clock frequently which can cause drowsiness in humans.

It is easy to find the security guards falling asleep at the guardhouse, instead of doing patrol at the factory area.

By keeping an eye on the daily routine of the security guards, burglary still is possible happen. Then you need to install a security camera at home.


3. Security Guards are the first target of burglary


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Some security guards hold the factory’s access key. The thief often heading towards to threaten the security guards with weapons in hand to get access to the factory.

The security guards become very passive in deterrence to the burglary, they will either get slashed or obey to what the thief’s request. So, to avoid any cases such as security guards get assault or murder, the surveillance system could replace the security guards’ position.


4. Security Guards Cannot Watch the Entire Factory at Once


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Security Guards have their own limitations in securing factory safety. The security guards can only be in one place, doing one thing at one time.

The thief must come in a team, deployment strategies have been discussed earlier how to break in from multiple points.

When the guards are patrolling at the front, the accomplice makes contact to give a signal to break in from the back. It is because the factory is too big to be handle by security guards, the advantages of wireless security system could solve your problem easily.



5. Security Guards Easily Get Distracted


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As the security guards get bored for their routine working place. Therefore, get the Central Monitoring System with AI to substitute the tedious routine working place.

Every single object surrounding has been deeply imprinted in their minds.

So they will be lost the passion and interest in the old object and tend to focus on the new stuff which appears in front of them.

The security guards are distracted by something not important created by the thief’s accomplice in purpose while break-in happens.

Unaware of a break-in will delay the crime long enough to summon police officers.


6. Self Protective in Result of Surrender


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Security guards are human beings as well. Imagine a gang of people come with weapons towards you, what is your reaction? Of course runaway.

They are pay to monitor the factory security not to scarify their life for the sake of company assets.



7. Unable to Provide Non-stop Patrols


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The patrol schedule is already written down in the contract, for example, every 2 hours intervals time to carry out once?

Due to human physical fitness limitations, the security guards cannot commit to having an all-time walk around the factory. It creates a huge security risk for the factory.

Smart thieves will watch the guard from far observing this patrol time interval and leveraging them for criminal advantage.



Central Monitoring System Security Service Provide 24/7 Security Solution

There are 7 proven reasons that you should not hire security guards for your factory safety but try out new technology Central Monitoring System provided by CSI solution. It is one type of video monitoring system security service integrated with AI technology.



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What is AI Camera and how to achieve security service?


Sources: NasCompare 


You can get the following benefits:

  1. The AI camera is only a one-time cost, and a subscription for Central Monitoring System security service can save more than 90% of the cost of having security guards on your own.
  2. The AI security service will only stop operation if there is a shortage of electricity, but normally security system has its own backup power to sustain for a period of time.
  3. The AI security service is programmed well to perform the task, it is emotionless without getting distracted by other things.
  4. The AI camera can watch the whole perimeter you wish to cover in one short, and it is 24/7 every single second no missed. Unlike security guards can only take time to petrol the site.
  5. The AI camera will not accomplice outsiders complicit with the criminal whereby they have hired as deterrence to the burglary.


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7 Proven Reasons You Should Not Hire Security Guards Anymore


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