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5 Reasons Home Security System Worth The Investment

5 Reasons Home Security System Worth The Investment

Do I really need to install a HOME SECURITY SYSTEM or an AI surveillance system?

Is home security system or AI surveillance system necessary? Well, perhaps it is great to have, but is it worth investing? What value would it bring to your home?

How to Know What Type of Home Security System to Get

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If you are wondering so, you are in the right place to figure it all out. In a simple way of saying, do it once and for all. Leave your worries if there will be break-ins, burglaries, or intrusions. Let the home security system protect your home, your loves ones, every things you treasures. Here are the top 5 reasons to give yourself a peace of mind of it is a must to have a home security system.


1. Everyone’s primary reason: To protect our family from burglars and intruders.

Use A Home Security System to Protect your Family

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Most burglars do not want attentions. The statistics have shown that 4/5 of the burglaries happens when there is nobody home. With the smart alarm system, the owners will be notified if there is something suspicious occurs around your housing area and immediate action can be taken. Besides, 24/7 home security system  allow you to always keep an eye of the house surroundings even when you are away from home, and hence, you may be able to deter crime before it happens.

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2. Fire detection

Home Security: Fire Safety Guide for Kids

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Most people will only think of burglary prevention when talking about home security system or AI surveillance system. But the fact is, it can do more than deterring a burglary. Features such as network of smoke detectors offers timely warning you in the event of fire while heat detector alerts you when a sudden change in temperature is detected. Early detection helps you to prevent further damages or immediate measures.


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3. Protect against carbon monoxide (CO) gas

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Prolonged exposure to the colorless, tasteless and odorless carbon monoxide could threaten your life as it continues to build up in your bloodstream. Sources of this toxic gas could be coming from stoves, burning wood or other heating systems. A home security system or AI surveillance system incorporated with CO gas detector is able to actively monitor and detect the presence of CO and alert the house owner for appropriate actions to be taken.


4. Lower insurance cost and bills

Use A Home Security System to Protect your Family

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A home insurance policy is intended as an extra layer of protection to cover the losses or damages resulted from some tragic events such as burglary, fire and etc. The premium could vary based on its amount of coverage, location, neighborhood crime, house conditions, fire safeguards as well as several other factors.

One of the less noticeable benefits of having a home security system or AI surveillance system is a reduction on home insurance premium. As the safety of the houses increases, most insurance companies would offer as high as up to 20% off on the cost of home insurance.


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5. Energy efficiency

Smart homes: consumers favor home security over efficiency

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Energy saving is no longer for greeneries. Most research puts the figures somewhere between 1-15%, but some cases indicate that the figures can actually go higher. Security system incorporated with WiFi-connected lights and thermostats can automatically regulate themselves to reduce the energy consumption when the system is armed.

Lower energy consumption means lower cost of electricity bill. Some advancements including solar energy home security system could also help in saving significant amount of energy by converting solar power to electricity.


CCTV in Johor

After all of above, has your heart shaken? Not only does it secure your loved ones, it offers way more than that!

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Actions speak louder than words! Get started now!

5 Reasons Home Security System Worth The Investment


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