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How Does Remote CCTV Works? 3 Brief Explanations

remote cctv

CCTV has enhanced the security of many businesses and homes for most people nowadays. Unlike the older days, remote CCTV monitoring has become a critical element for many people. It allows the user to monitor their space remotely. 

Some users may not use the monitoring system often because of the assumption that installing the CCTV system is sufficient to scare off the intruders. So you may wonder if remote CCTV monitoring is compulsory for your CCTV system.

We will be exploring why is remote CCTV monitoring so important in our security system and how does it work? It will give you an idea if you should have it in your system.  

What is Remote CCTV Monitoring?

remote cctv
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If you are looking for a cost-effective security solution to protect your business or your home, remote CCTV monitoring is perfect. It helps to keep your premise safe from damages and losses.

The modern CCTV security systems can be connected through the internet to the CCTV monitoring station. It is also known as the Remote Video Receiving Centre. You can either connect it 24/7 or switch it on when your place is unattended.

It is an important decision to choose the right CCTV monitoring partner. You want to ensure that each alarm activation will have the proper focus from your partner.

How Does Remote CCTV Monitoring Work?

remote cctv
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The CCTV will be activated when your CCTV security system detects an unusual activity such as an intruder or fire. An alarm will be sent to the remote monitoring station immediately. When your remote CCTV monitoring is triggered, and the alarm is answered, your CCTV footage will be routed to the remote monitoring station within seconds.

The operator will view the CCTV footage and investigate the cause of the alarm. The operator will use multiple cameras to view from different angles to ensure that the intruders are not hiding in blind spots.

If the operator spots any suspicious activity, they will immediately notify the key holder and emergency services. Since the alarm is verified visually, it will be an added credibility when you call for an emergency response.

Key Benefits of Remote CCTV Monitoring?

When we talk about retrospective CCTV security, it is about an incident where CCTV footage can be evidence to assist police investigation and criminal prosecution. But in a CCTV monitoring station, you can get proactive crime prevention benefits from remote CCTV monitoring. 

In recent years, the help of the CCTV system has prevented many crimes from progressing and help in police investigations. You may be curious about what is proactive CCTV security and retrospective CCTV security that we have mentioned above. We will briefly explain it before we talk about the benefit of remote CCTV monitoring.

Proactive CCTV security: Discouragement crime through the presence of CCTV. It incorporates sound hindrance admonitions and continuous acceleration to keyholders and first responders.

Retrospective CCTV security: Providing CCTV footage to the police or other emergency service as evidence for investigation purposes. Under certain circumstances, the CCTV footage can be submitted to the court to support the prosecution. 

Benefits of Remote CCTV Monitoring: Deterrence

remote cctv

When you have installed a CCTV system in your premise, the visual presence of the CCTV shows that your premise is under monitoring, and any intruder who enters the restricted area will be seen and recorded.

You will want to stop the intruders from entering your premise. The best result is to stop that idea before they even step into the premise. With the presence and visibility of your CCTV system, it will help with it.

Benefits of Remote CCTV Monitoring: Detection

remote cctv
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Sometimes, the presence of CCTV just doesn’t put off the intruder easily. If the intruder is determined to get inside your premise to see what’s inside or know what they can steal from the house, they will still get in. So knowing if there is an intruder in your home is critical.

Modern CCTV systems can detect any incident in real-time by using PIR detectors, AIR detectors, or even thermal heat detectors. So what will happen next when there is an incident going on. You can watch it retrospectively after it has closed or proactively respond before anything happens.

If a professional CCTV monitoring station monitors your CCTV, an experienced operator will immediately investigate after receiving the alarm notification. They will determine the cause and threat and the response necessary.

As a trained CCTV operation has assessed it, it will add great credibility, and the first-line responders will be able to respond quicker. The incident will be recorded, and the footage can be used for police investigation.

Benefits of Remote CCTV Monitoring: Emergency Response

remote cctv
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Unless there is someone to verify an actual incident, you can’t guarantee that the emergency service will attend to you. This is because there have always been false alarms that delay the emergency services’ response to genuine incidents.

Many reasons cause to trigger the alarm, such as faulty equipment, humor error, environmental issues, etc. All these false alarms are due to human actions and can be avoidable.

A remote CCTV monitoring system can confirm an actual incident is happening. It will help the emergency services to respond to incidents quicker.

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