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How Far Can A CCTV See: 6 Important Factors

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Since CCTV is to secure your place, you may wonder how far can your CCTV see. This is an important spec as you want to know if the CCTV is recording the required distance. It is important to know a CCTV camera’s line of sight. Knowing how far your CCTV can see helps you avoid the blind spot.

Usually, the distance that a CCTV can see is in a range between 3-23m. It will depend on the lens size of the CCTV, resolution, and the type of sensor. CCTV such as PTZ will be able to see a further distance that can reach up to 1,000 feet.

Before getting a CCTV security system, you want to ensure that you have inspected your location and found the distance of the place you want to view. It is best to know what factors determine how far a CCTV can see.

How Far Can A CCTV See #1 - The Viewing Angle

cctv see
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The field of view is important for a CCTV system. It determines how far a CCTV can see. It is the area that the CCTV can cover within a scene. It depends on several factors, such as the type of CCTV lens and how the CCTV is adjusted.

The wider the field of view, the more you can see, but lesser details as the object will appear smaller and further away from the CCTV.

How Far Can A CCTV See #2 - Lens Size

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The lens size is the main factor determining how far a CCTV can see. It determines the distance between the center of the lens and its focus. There are two lens types, and the lens size is measured in mm.

The first type will be a standard fixed lens. The lens size is 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 4mm, 6mm, 12mm, etc. Once you have decided to get this type of CCV, you can’t change the lens size as it is already fixed to the CCTV.

The second type is a varifocal lens. This lens is not fixed and can be adjusted for better fit according to the installation needs. The standard size of the varifocal lens is between 2.8mm to 12mm.

You must understand that the smaller the lens size is, the wider the field of view. The image will be clearer but can’t see clearly at great distances. Depending on your needs, if you need a wider viewing angle, you will need a low lens size camera.

If you need to view a long distance and need it clear, you can consider getting a PTZ-style camera with adjustable lens size. It can go up to a hundred feet depending on the model and be remotely controlled.

How Far Can A CCTV See #3 - Resolutions​

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Resolution is another factor that determines how far can a CCTV see. It is important that the CCTV resolution can make out the details it records. This helps to identify people and objects. The higher the resolution is, the clearer the footage is, especially during the nighttime.

It is not expensive to get a high-resolution CCTV nowadays. With a 4MP or 8MP camera, it can provide clear footage. A higher resolution means that there will be more pixels for the image. It allows the picture to be clearer, sharper, and cleaner.

A 4MP camera means that each frame has 4 million pixels. Same for 8MP, there will be 8 million pixels on each frame. You can identify the subject at a distance (40-70 feet).

How Far Can A CCTV See #4 - Distance

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The further the object is, it will be harder for the CCTV to capture clearly. It is important how far you are going to install the CCTV, especially the height of the CCTV is going to be mounted.

Before installing the CCTV, you must consider how far you want to capture the object. You must buy the CCTV with the right specs to detect the object and location. Some software allows you to insert the information to calculate the distance.

How Far Can A CCTV See #5 - Quality

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The quality of the CCTV also affects how far a CCTV can see. Not all CCTV qualities are the same. Even it has a similar field of view. The price of the CCTV is something that you can watch out for on the hardware quality.

Try to avoid cheap CCTV. If you want a better quality, consider choosing from some of the top CCTV brands. If you can afford better quality, try for a medium or high-end range. It will be better than getting some unknown brand.

A good quality camera will have suitable hardware, a good processor, and reliable software, which you won’t get from an unknown brand. Besides that, the well-known brand will have firmware updates and a warranty.

How Far Can A CCTV See #6 - Night Vision Capabilities

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Some CCTV will have infrared features for night vision. This helps your CCTV to capture a clearer image in the dark. This will also affect how far your CCTV can see during the night. This will be slightly costly as it will have a better vision and technology.

You can also consider getting a CCTV with a digital noise reduction function. It can also help improve the quality of the image captured in the dark when the IR is not being used.

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