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Install CCTV At Construction Sites With 5 Shocking Reasons

cctv at construction sites

Many people never thought of installing CCTV at construction sites as they may consider it troublesome, but they are worried about putting expensive building materials at the construction site?

It is very hard to monitor the activities happening at the construction site, especially when it comes to criminal acts, as workers, architects, and clients are entering the construction site.

Developing a proper security strategy like installing CCTV at the construction sites can help you increase security at your construction site. With the advanced technology, it is easier to manage the security at the construction site nowadays.

You may want to save cost and be worried about other things when installing CCTV at construction sites. We will list why you should need to install CCTV at the construction sites.

Reasons You Need To Install CCTV At Construction Site

1. Helps To Secure Your SIte

cctv at construction sites
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It is important to install CCTV at the construction sites as it helps maintain the construction site’s security.

By installing the CCTV at the construction sites, it helps to determine any inconsistencies or illegal activities on the site. With recorded footage, it can help settle any complications in criminal cases.

The latest CCTV will have features such as motion detection and night vision. It helps to provide a better security solution for construction sites. If night vision is needed, there are also CCTV with thermal imaging where they can detect images through temperature detection of objects.

A well-placed CCTV at construction sites can help to deter crime. Although it may not totally solve the problems, it helps reduce the risk of the intruder breaking in. This security system alerts the site owner whenever there is an intruder.

2. Monitoring On-site Activity

cctv at construction sites
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You don’t want to miss installing a CCTV at construction sites because it allows the manager to have a better view of the worker’s actions. Many activities are happening at the construction site, which makes it difficult for the manager to keep track.

The manager will have to rely on the team to report to them if there isn’t any CCTV installed at the construction site. You will have to spend hours determining what is happening at the construction site. A CCTV at construction sites helps the management of the site to become less exhaustive.

Modern CCTV systems have recording features. The footage is of high quality, and it can be playback. The manager can review any suspicious activity that could be missed out. Site managers don’t need to worry about poor footage quality with a good CCTV system.

3. Health And Safety

cctv at construction sites
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Construction sites are hazardous areas. The workers’ safety is very important, and it includes visitors and those who live and work nearby. Installing CCTV at construction sites helps monitor if the workers adhere to safety guidelines.

CCTV can help identify areas that need improvement or additional training to minimize the risk of accidents at the site. The footage can help the manager analyze the situation and provide undisputed evidence if there are any issues like bullying and aggressive behavior.

Modern CCTV has PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom), which helps the manager to have a better view of the site and react faster if there are any emergencies. Besides that, you can make further improvements to your health and safety policies if needed.

4. Project Construction Progress

cctv at construction sites
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It is important to finish the construction on time. You wouldn’t want to rely on the team’s report totally. With a CCTV at the construction sites, you can view the construction progress and determine if you need any extra resources.

Supervisors and managers wouldn’t be at the site the whole day to monitor the workers. It will be hard for them to track their progress. With the help of CCTV at construction sites, it will be a reliable assistant to help you determine if the project is going smoothly.

5. Provide Evidence in Court

cctv at construction sites
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When it comes to a criminal case, the judicial system must rely on evidence to bring it to court. You will need enough evidence. CCTV will provide the evidence you need. With the footage, you can win the case and receive compensation.

Same for injuries case. You wouldn’t want an accident at the site, but you can’t guarantee it won’t happen. A CCTV at construction sites can help you know how the accident occurred.

With the help of remote monitoring, the image can be sent to an external monitoring station, and they can respond to the activity fast.

Elements to Watch Out For CCTV At Construction Sites

cctv at construction sites

*Weather Conditions
Since CCTV at construction sites is installed outdoor, it will need to be water-resistant. Weather will cause damage to the CCTV. It has to withstand the weather and other accident such as potential falling debris.

*Theft of Cameras
The construction site is an open site. CCTV will be exposed and will be targeted. You will need to secure it properly. The vision should overlap with another one to cover adequate coverage. This is a good strategy to capture attempted thefts.

*Camera Damage
Construction sites typically will have vehicles such as cranes and lorries for construction. If the CCTV is not installed properly, it could be struck by the vehicles.

So if you intend to install a CCTV at construction sites, you have to consider the routes of the vehicles and machinery. You will have to protect it from the heat, cold, and dust.  

To protect your materials and keep yourself up to date on the progress, installing a CCTV at the construction sites is a good idea. Protect yourself, protect your worker and protect the public. Consider installing a CCTV at construction sites today.

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