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How Central Monitoring System Help To Strengthen Security

How Central Monitoring System Help To Strengthen Security

You may or may not be familiar with the security system that is installed on your property to prevent any burglary from happening. Having CCTV isn’t enough to keep your property safe.  Rest assured, we have the perfect security solution for all your safety concerns which is Central Monitoring System. It has a better system and can prevent any break-in with the new Video Management System (VMS). 

Central Monitoring System has a good history and has been used in industrial areas such as factories. It has a better proficiency than having a security guard on your premises. CMS lowers the chances of any human error with its system. Not many things can get past it.

How Central Monitoring System Help To Strengthen Security

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Central Monitoring System

Many shops or factory owners that want high-security monitoring utilise central monitoring system(CMS) services. It may be used in both residential and industrial settings. The CMS system is made up of two primary parts: signal receivers that convert all alarm signals into raw protocol codes and central station software that allows operators to monitor, handle and categorise alarm signals from a large number of alarm panels.

There are many benefits of having a Central Monitoring System on your property. Not only does it give you the assurance you need, but it also can really prevent any break-in happening on your property. it truly is a perfect security solution for you and your safety. 


Benefits of Central Monitoring System: 

  • Increased security
  • Offers immediate police
  • Work Remotely
  • Detect broken camera automatically

You can read more about the benefits of having a Central Monitoring System on your property in our other article for further details. In this article, we would show you how the Central Monitoring System works in detail. Explaining to you step by step how CMS can prevent burglary. The more you know how the system works, the more confident you are with CMS and the most important thing is, you feel safer in your own home. More info.


How Central Monitoring System Help To Strengthen Security

How Central Monitoring System works


1. Detect burglar

This is how we prevent break-ins before they happen. With 24/7 monitor service on CCTV, it would not miss a thing on your perimeter. When any suspicious activity is happening, the camera will detect it when the burglar enters the perimeter. The AI technology in the video monitoring system (VMS) will immediately detect and directly alert the officer in charge during that time. 


2. Trigger Siren

When the officer in charge recognized the break-in, they will trigger the alarm to warn the burglar and try to scare them off. If the burglar does not seem to care about the alarm and continues to try to break in. Not only that, the officer on duty during the time can even talk to the burglar through the mic and speaker that are in the CCTV. 


3. Contact the Authorities

When the alarm has been rung, a warning has been made to move away from the premises but the burglar does not seem to care about the warning, the officer on duty will then contact the police to get help from them. This way, any attempted break-in can be stopped with CMS. All break-in attempts will be resolve by this method. No crime can happen on your premises and you can stay happy and feel safer on your own property. More info.

That is the process of CMS and how it prevent crime before it happens. With Central Monitoring System installed, we want to offer you the number 1 security solution for your home, shop, or even factory. Central Monitoring System can prevent crime to happen before it actually happens. With the newest technology, better camera, better system nothing can even break your home.





CSI solution

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