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4 Tips to Protect Your Outdoor CCTV From Weather

Outdoor CCTV

When installing outdoor home security, you may be concerned about how to protect your outdoor CCTV from weather. The primary importance of the outdoor home security will be the cameras and attached cables. If it is not secure properly, it may be compromised. 

The weather can be harmful to your outdoor CCTV as many of them cannot withstand a heavy amount of water. Technologies like wireless and tamper detection can help protect outdoor home security cameras, but they can’t replace proper planning. 

Protecting your outdoor CCTV is not complicated or costs you a ton of money. Here are some tips to protect your outdoor CCTV, and it will secure your premises

Why It Is Important To Protect Outdoor CCTV From Weather?

Protect Your Outdoor CCTV
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People tend to overlook the weather when it comes to purchasing outdoor CCTV. When it comes to the usefulness of the outdoor CCTV recording, the weather plays a huge part.

When trying to save costs on CCTV, people may even try buying an indoor CCTV and placing it outdoor, but this is a bad idea that will be more costly in the long run. 

Indoor cameras are meant for indoors, so it often lacks the outdoor CCTV features that will be more effective in the harsher environment. It is important to protect your outdoor CCTV to avoid weather damage. Also, preventing false alarms caused by wind, rain, or lighting. It can ensure a clearer recording while it is raining. 

Ways To Protect Your Outdoor CCTV From Weather

1. Ensure Outdoor CCTV Proper Installation

Protect Your Outdoor CCTV
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While installing outdoor CCTV, you have to consider the view you want to see and the weather. Many cameras use non-conductive material or plastic housing that will avoid attracting lightning. Look for a camera that is suited for the weather.

An ideal way is to install the camera high and under the overhang of the roof, or maybe under an extended design of a building structure. If there is no protection, look for an elective approach to secure your camera. It can be a makeshift awning, shield, or plastic as a last resort for an immediate threat.  

Another thing to note while installing is to ensure that your CCTV is not installed on a metal pole or near anything made of metal. Metal is a highly conductive material, and a lightning strike can knock out your CCTV.

The lightning can cause a power surge that burns your NVR or DVR in a more severe case. Poll mounted cameras are the biggest risk of damage for weather-related issues. 

2. Outdoor CCTV Weatherproof Security Mounts

Protect Your Outdoor CCTV
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When the weather is bad, thunderstorms and fast wind will be able to carry your CCTV away. They must be mounted securely so that the thunderstorm won’t carry them away. 

Many outdoor CCTV usually comes with a specialized heavy security mount. This is to help to secure the CCTV. It is intended to help to ensure against theft damage, and vandalism. The solid security mount will not protect against the downpour, but it can shield your camera from the heavy winds that often accompany with rain.

Like Reolink Argus 2, some quality security cameras can provide additional security mounts to protect your CCTV against the weather and natural disaster. 

3. Use Cameras Designed for Outdoor CCTV

Protect Your Outdoor CCTV
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When you get a CCTV for outdoor, remember to buy a CCTV camera designed for outdoor. Some CCTV cameras are designed to withstand the weather, including snowstorms, typhoons, and heat. 

Do not try to get an indoor camera and install outdoor to save cost. You will be risking your camera and squandering away your cash. Indoor cameras do not have any protection against downpour, wind, or even heat. Getting outdoor CCTV protection will be more likely to withstand the weather.

The ability of the CCTV device to withstand the weather can be measured by Ingress Protection Rating (IP Rating). The casing can protect the electronics from external elements like rain and dust. 

The industry standard for the weatherproof camera is above IP66. IP66 CCTV camera is enclosed in a weatherproof metal aluminum casing to protect the camera against the weather. It can cover most of the dust and rain that the CCTV camera will face outdoors every day. 

IP66 security cameras are getting popular and affordable. In the long term, it could be even more money-saving. They are more durable in the outdoor environment, and you won’t have to get new ones too often.

4. Consider A Custom Enclosure For Outdoor CCTV

Protect Your Outdoor CCTV
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For extra protection for your outdoor CCTV from the adverse weather will be a custom enclosure. This will be the last resort if you have a budget. 

There are some design plans on the internet for different types of covers. One of the solutions is getting a glass-fronted bird box to keep your camera safe from the harsh weather. If you are good at handyman work, you can custom make the enclosure yourself. Another way is to get an acrylic dome and mount the CCTV inside it. 

It will be cheaper to design your housing than getting high-end weatherproof CCTV. But one disadvantage is that your custom-made enclosure might not be as sturdy to go against the harsh environment. 

With the bad weather we face nowadays, it is important to protect your outdoor CCTV camera from the weather. This will help secure your premises and save costs in the long run. 

Before getting an outdoor CCTV, why don’t you go through all these tips which will be helpful for you to make a decision. 

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