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5 Ways To Avoid Your Wireless CCTV Being Hacked

Wireless CCTV Being Hacked

CCTV is getting popular nowadays for both businesses and homeowners. As technology advances, people tend to choose more advanced CCTV like wireless CCTV. But do you have any idea that your wireless CCTV can be hacked? Do you know how to avoid your wireless CCTV being hacked?

There are many ways to prevent your wireless CCTV being hacked. For example, hacking your passwords, command line of codes in the system where the hackers can get through the admin-level access. 

As hackers increase, you may want to learn some tricks to prevent being hacked. It will help you to have additional protection for your premises. Here are some ways to avoid your wireless CCTV being hacked. 

How To Avoid Your Wireless CCTV Being Hacked?

1. Create A Unique Password

Wireless CCTV Being Hacked
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One common way to hack into your CCTV system is by your password. Living in this century where technology is advancing, you will need to know the importance of the password so that you can prevent your wireless CCTV being hacked. 

Shockingly, many people use the default password and username in the system. Those are easy to guess, like admin and 1234. Or even use the same username or password for all sorts of social media accounts or emails. This allows the hackers to hack in easily.

To defend against hackers, try to set up a stronger and more complex password with a combination of numbers, symbols, upper and lowercase letters. Don’t include your name or birthday, or other personal information. Another important thing is to change your password regularly. It will be harder for others to guess and avoid your wireless CCTV being hacked. 

2. Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

Wireless CCTV Being Hacked
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Not all CCTV have this feature. This is an additional security. If your CCTV has this feature, you may want to use it to avoid your wireless CCTV being hacked. 

What this feature does is when you log into your account, the CCTV company will send you a one-time password (OTP) via a text, email, phone call, or authentication app that you login into the app. 

By using this feature, even hackers have cracked your password. Unless they can gain access to your passcode, they will not be able to enter the system. This can verify your identity instead of others trying to log into your account. Two-factor authentication is very useful, so why don’t you do it now if you have not enabled it to prevent your wireless CCTV being hacked.

3. Update Your Camera's Firmware

Wireless CCTV Being Hacked
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Manufacturers will routinely release updates to fix software bugs and patch security vulnerabilities. This is to prevent criminals who constantly create new malware and hacking techniques to log in to your account. The updates help the system work more efficiently and protect your system from being compromised.

Some systems can update automatically, just make sure the option is turned on. But if it doesn’t have this option, you will want to update it manually. You can check the manufacturer’s website regularly for any new updates, or you can check your camera if there is any update button under the settings menu. 

To protect your security, remember to keep your system up to date. If the manufacturer has stopped releasing new updates, you may want to consider getting a new router. This is to avoid your wireless CCTV being hacked. 

4. Secure Your Wireless Connection

Wireless CCTV Being Hacked
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Another way to avoid your wireless CCTV being hacked is to ensure your network is secured. Make sure your WIFI is only to access an available device. Sometimes, your CCTV gets hacked by chance. For example, you happen to give your neighbor your WIFI password to access your router while they visit you and may hack your CCTV camera by accident. 

You may want to look into newer equipment that uses various channels to transmit signals and are resistant to jamming. Some maintain closed systems that are only accessible within the premise by in-person users.

To avoid your CCTV being hacked, you will want to have a strong password for your router and change it regularly. Not forgetting to turn off guest networking and sharing. Another tip is to build a subnet for your CCTV with a network video recorder (NVR). The camera will record and save to the NVR without accessing your router network. It is not possible to hack into the private camera subnet.

5. Keep An Eye On Traffic Spikes

Wireless CCTV Being Hacked
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Hackers will attack your CCTV without any warning. Hackers would penetrate your system without any symptoms in most cases. When you realize something is wrong, you may face the consequences like leaked footage or hackers manipulating your CCTV. It can be days or months when you realize your CCTV system has been compromised. 

To avoid your wireless CCTV being hacked, monitoring for bandwidth spikes will be a good idea to spot a hack that leads to leaking confidential data like images or video. There are several traffic monitoring tools that users can manage or monitor.  

It is also vital to monitor who has access to your camera. For personal use, you may not share your cell phone and home security system with your friends. You may want to change your password if you have someone to watch out for at your house while you are on vacation. For business, keep a tight roster of those who have access to your system, so that you can avoid your wireless CCTV being hacked.

It is important to avoid your CCTV being hacked by hackers. Be alert to have a safe environment to stay in. We hope that the above ways will help you avoid your CCTV being hacked and keep everybody save. 

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