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6 Unexpected Reason Why You Should Use CCTV Cloud Storage

Move Your CCTV Storage

With an increase in using CCTV in business to prevent crime, CCTV footage is a piece of important evidence if things happen. So is it a good idea to move your CCTV storage from local storage to a cloud-based video platform?

CCTV Cloud Storage to the cloud is one of the major trends in business security. In one recent study, there are 71% of medium and large UK firms are planning to move their CCTV storage to the cloud in the near future. Public sectors are also planning to move their CCTV storage to the cloud.

In the past, CCTV Cloud Storage may not be an option as it requires to sever, hard drives, and a list of additional hardware, but why is it becoming a trend now. We will be letting you know why you need CCTV Cloud Storage in this article.

What is CCTV Cloud Storage?

Move Your CCTV Storage
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CCTV cloud storage allows user to save their CCTV footage in one place and off-site. It is safe, secure, and easy to use. You can access the cloud server in order to view your CCTV footage– as long as you have a network and a device to log in and access the cloud.

CCTV cloud storage provides the user with various secure online document storage options. It allows users to stay compliant with laws and regulations. The process of retrieving CCTV footage is also simplified. It helps the user save a lot of time.

Why Should You Use CCTV Cloud Storage

1. Consolidate CCTV Footage

Move Your CCTV Storage
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One of the biggest reasons to use CCTV Cloud Storage is that it can consolidate multiple CCTV camera footage in one single location. This is important for businesses that have numerous CCTV at a different locations. It is also helpful for single-location.

For example, some CCTV allows you to capture, store and manage visual data in one place from different CCTV systems. You can easily access the CCTV footage. With this kind of consolidation, it is more accessible compared to traditional setups.

2. Reduced CCTV Hardware Footprint

Move Your CCTV Storage
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The additional hardware required for a traditional legacy system is more complex and complicated to install. On-going maintenance and management are needed for the CCTV system after the installation. This is to allow the system to operate correctly.

At least half of integrators claim that the CCTV hard drive fails after five years even though they have done proper maintenance. The more hardware components that the CCTV system has, the more likely the system will fail and need replacement during its lifetime.

If you use CCTV Cloud Storage, you don’t need the DVR/NVRs, servers, and hard drives. This reduces the hardware footprint. There will be fewer components to replace when you have lesser hardware. This saves you time and money. Besides that, it will be easier for you to manage your video security.

3. Remote Access To Your Cloud

Move Your CCTV Storage
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Another major reason to use CCTV Cloud Storage to the cloud is that you can view the data remotely whenever you need. You do not need to be physically present at the location to view the footage. It helps you to save time, effort, and money.

Whereas if you want to view the footage from a traditional security system, it may be necessary to travel to a particular location to access the CCTV footage. The whole process of obtaining the CCTV footage will be much more efficient and cost-effective.

4. Experts Managing The Cloud Data

Move Your CCTV Storage
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This reason to use CCTV Cloud Storage is often overlooked. Most individuals and businesses do not specialize in managing CCTV data. This can create problems if you do not handle the CCTV data well in-house.

If you use CCTV Cloud Storage, there will be third-party cloud storage providers specializing in managing the data. You can work with them to keep your data safe and secure. You can ensure that your CCTV data is well organized.

5. Reduce Your Storage Costs

Move Your CCTV Storage
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There is a potential of saving money if you use CCTV Cloud Storage. There are several reasons. One of them is you won’t need to have an in-house data center. You can avoid various maintenance costs associated with the in-house storing hardware.

Besides that, you will be managing your CCTV storage through the cloud if you use CCTV Cloud Storage. You won’t need to employ an in-house specialist to manage it. The subscription style associated with cloud CCTV can be more predictable and manageable.

6. Fulfill Legal Obligations

Move Your CCTV Storage
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To protect your property with CCTV, you must adhere to specific data protection laws and all other relevant legislation. For example, you may need to provide images to the person you recorded upon request. You may also need to share the footage with law enforcement if they request it. You will want to check up for more information on these legal obligations.

While considering CCTV Cloud Storage, some industries may have requirements to store the CCTV data off-site. Cloud hosting allows you to fulfil these obligations to avoid consequences associated with accidental non-compliance.

Technology is getting more advanced, and following the steps allows you to manage things more manageable. If you use CCTV Cloud Storage, it helps you protect your property more safely and manage it easily. We hope that you can benefit from this article.

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