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101 Guide for CCTV Camera Maintenance

101 guide for CCTV Camera Maintenance

When was the last time did you check the lens and the wiring of the CCTV Camera?  CCTV Camera maintenance is not an easy task. You should be 100% sure what are you doing or else you might end up making things worse.

So today we are here to learn a few of the important things about CCTV Camera maintenance:

  1. What is CCTV Camera maintenance?
  2. Importance of CCTV Camera maintenance
  3. How often should CCTV Camera be serviced
  4. CCTV Camera maintenance Checklist
  5. How to clean foggy CCTV Cameras?


1. What is CCTV Camera Maintenance?

CCTV Camera / Security Camera / Surveillance Camera maintenance means taking steps to make sure the camera is in good condition. There is a simple process that usually took care of by experts in the security system to identify the presence of damage or problem that may affect the performance of the CCTV Camera.


2. Importance of CCTV Camera Maintenance

The major reason for installing CCTV Cameras is for creating a safe environment for the employee or for your family members. To have an effective CCTV Camera you should regularly do CCTV Camera maintenance.

  • Prevention is better than cure

When CCTV Camera in use for many years there is a possibility to face some technical problems. When you do frequent CCTV Camera maintenance you can figure out the problem when it’s premature and solve it. This also helps in lowering the cost of maintenance and also less complication.

  • Dirt

Dirt might seem small in size but it can bring you a lot of problems. The first particles can be build up inside of the CCTV Camera. When the CCTV Camera’s fan starts to work the suction can be fast.

The build of dirt can slower the fan’s speed that will lead to overheating. In a long run, this will cause a premature electrical fail.


Dirt on CCTV CameraImage via Dotworkz & CyberMetrics


Not only the inside of the CCTV Camera, but the dirt can also cause outside of the CCTV Camera as well. The lens of the CCTV Camera does not automatically clean itself which brings you a blurry and low-quality image.

  • Focus

No matter how hard you try after fixing your CCTV Camera the position of the Camera may change. This may be due to the high level of wind, vibration, or even a small knock. Which will affect the ability to focus properly and will in the end gives an unclear image.


  • Higher Authority

Let’s view things in a worst-case scenario, what if there is a robbery at your place and the police will be involved. When they are looking for evidence CCTV Camera plays a very crucial part.  You should be confident to know that the CCTV Camera has caught everything that they need to help you. Now the real question that you should ask yourself is;

How confident are you to show the CCTV Camera footage to the police?


3. How often should CCTV Camera Serviced

In general, the frequency of CCTV Camera maintenance depends on the quality and the age of the camera itself. For a new device, it is advised to service at least once a year.

And for an older device once every 3 months is a great way. This is because older devices tend to have more problems.

Moreover, CCTV Camera owners are advised to seek for Security System expert for CCTV Camera maintenance monthly to identify any defects early to reduce the risk of costly replacement.

And the owner of the CCTV Camera also needs to have a checklist of CCTV Camera maintenance to keep track of the life span of the device.


4. CCTV Camera Maintenance Checklist

Here is the checklist that you are looking for CCTV Camera maintenance. This is the perfect checklist that will help you to manually check the condition of the CCTV Camera.

CCTV Camera

  • Check the CCTV Camera lens if it is focused properly?
  • Is there any dust or scratch on the Camera lens?
  • The position of the CCTV Camera is on the spot
  • Are the motion sensor of the CCTV Camera working?
  • Is the device attached to the wall safe and secure?
  • Is there any obstacle blocking the view?
  • Do all the functions of the CCTV Camera working? (pan, tilt, zoom)
  • Can the CCTV Camera capture a clear image?
  • Check if the interior if the CCTV Camera is dry and clean


  • Check for any wear out or exposed wires
  • Check for loose wiring
  • Is the cable dressed properly?
  • Are the transmission of the sound and the image is clear?
  • Is the power supply to the device working?
  • Check whether all coaxial connectors are insulated from the conduit and pull boxes

Control Equipments

  • Can you see the monitor visualizing a clear image with the proper brightness level?
  • Make sure do all the switch and individual equipment works well
  • Clean the monitor from dust with micro fabric cloth
  • Is the cable leading to the equipment are in good condition? Is there any weak connection?
  • Check the display time and date stamp is set
  • Check the power connection and the AC plug to identify if it is loose or not


5. How to clean foggy CCTV Cameras?



With just an easy 10 steps you can clean the CCTV Camera lens by yourself. Here are the steps that have been mentioned in the video;

  1. Unscrew the top cover
  2. Remove the rain protection cap
  3. Unscrew the front cover
  4. Open the front cover
  5. This is the part that you have to clean
  6. Take the front element and clean it with the clean cloth
  7. If necessary, you can use a cleaning liquid
  8. Wipe the lens until its clean
  9. Put it all back together
  10. CCTV Camera is back in action again


We have learned a lot of things today. Owning a CCTV Camera is a lot of responsibility. It’s best if you learn some tricks on your sleeve. Because you will know if someone is trying to scam you just by leaning the dust from the CCTV Camera.

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101 Guide for CCTV Camera Maintenance



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