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Where to Position the CCTV Camera?

Position the CCTV Camera

Nowadays people know the value of installing CCTV Cameras. But what they fail to consider is where to position the CCTV Camera. Positioning the CCTV Camera at the “wrong” place can bring you downfall.


What is the WRONG place?


wrong position of CCTV Image via Ring Help


The place where the CCTV Camera records its own reflection or record a wall or miss the blind spots. Let’s take a look at where to position CCTV cameras at the Office, House, and Factory.

Positioning the CCTV Camera at the right place may seem like an easy task but there are a lot of common and careless mistakes made by everyone which will cost you a lot.

  1. Office
  2. House
  3. Factory
  4. 10 Common mistakes

1. Office

The office has a large area to cover starting from the main entrance, lift, reception or the counter, staff room, working area, and parking area.

Main Entrance

I know there isn’t anything valuable in the main entrance but placing a CCTV Camera at the entrance helps to (A) identify who is entering the building. With the help of face recognization in CCTV Cameras, it will be easy to identify everyone entering the building.

Position another camera (B) facing the road so, the CCTV Camera at the entrance helps to capture the type of vehicle and the number plate of it.


install CCTV Camera at main entrance

Image via Pinterest & vippng


This is to be prepared for any worst-case scenario. plus installing CCTV Camera at the entrance helps to create fear for criminals. It is a proven fact that the existence of a CCTV Camera itself reduces the possibility of any crime.


Personally, I think the reception is a crucial place to position the CCTV camera correctly. For the reason that when a person comes up to the reception or the counter he or she sure will show their face while talking.

if a person covers their face while talking it will rise suspiciously. A criminal won’t take that risk which will easily expose their true intention.


Install CCTV camera at reception counterImage via vippng & Pinterest


Check out this video wherein an open place a robbery takes place. The shocking part happens in under 7 seconds in Ampang Point.



But the good thing about this is the victim can report to the police using this video which is recorded by CCTV Camera. Even we can recognize the burglar from the video. This makes it easy to bring justice.


Working area

The working area or the staffroom is the place where all the company electronic equipment like laptops, computers, printers, scanners, projectors, paper shredder and so much more can be found. None of the equipment is cheap or easy to replaceable.

Positioning the CCTV Camera in the working area helps to identify any unauthorized person working around. And the CCTV Camera also helps the boss or the manager or the supervisor to keep an eye on the staff. To make sure their staff is doing their work.


Place CCTV Camera at workplace Image via vippng & The architecture design


For each working room, 2 CCTV Cameras will be enough to cover the whole room. Make sure one of the CCTV Cameras points at the entrance of the office area.


Lift is the scariest place for a woman in the office. In the absence of other workers, there is no space to run away it brings the feeling of being stuck in a small box.

We cannot even imagine what are women go through in an average workplace.

Due to this, it is really important to create a safe environment for women in the workplace.



Apart from being sexually harassed in the lift the amount of robbery that happens in the lift is also in great number. Sadly often times the burglar won’t hesitate to hurt the victim.

When it comes to positioning the CCTV Camera in the lift it’s important that the Camera is the opposite of the door and at the corner. This will help to cover all the corners of the lift.


should lift install CCTV camera ?Image via vippng & IFSEC Global


Blind Spot

it’s normal for us to forget a few of the important blind spots and corners like the hallway, storage room, and lunchroom. It might seem like it’s not important but it’s always safe to place one CCTV Camera for every corner.


blind spot of CCTV CameraImage via vippng & Pinterest

Parking area

Don’t forget the parking area is also part of your office. The type of CCTV Camera that will be installed will differ from other places. Because the parking area has low lighting and the CCTV Camera will be positioned at the high place.

To capture the face or the number plate you will need a CCTV camera with a high-grade lens like the network camera.


CCTV camera location at carparkImage via sloopin  & Globe Building


The position of the CCTV Camera may change for both outdoor parking and indoor parking. Indoor parking usually requires light during both day and night but outdoor parking just for the night only will be enough. In this way, the CCTV Camera can capture the surrounding clearly.

2. House

Let’s see where to install CCTV Cameras at the house. House can be separated by areas in general which are the exterior and the interior.


  • Fence/ Gate

When a burglar tries to break into your house he/she will usually walk around the house to make sure nobody is in the house. When we have an eye outside of the house it will be easy to notice any suspicious activity.

If your house has a fence or a gate make sure to position the CCTV Camera from the top view.

position of CCTV Camera for homeImage via Remote system gate  &  Pinterest


  • Front Door

The right way to position the CCTV Camera at the Front door is at the roof connecting the wall. This makes the position of the CCTV Camera in the right place. The front door is a must-position CCTV camera at home.


cctv camera position at outside of homeImage via The Spruce


  • Garage

The garage is an alternative entrance for criminals. We also tend to focus on the front view of the house while we forget about the garage that we have. Make sure to position in the middle of the garage so we can talk 180-degree view around the garage.


CCTV camera at home garageImage via Castle Construction


  • Back door

There is a 22% chance of bulgar that may break into your house. Just like position the CCTV Camera in the front door, you can position the CCTV Camera at the back door as well.

The wall connects to the roof. With that position, the person who is trying the ether the house won’t even notice the CCTV Camera.


  • Hallway and staircase

These are the most used ways around the house. The front door always leads to the hallway and if there is a break in the burglar most probably will go on the staircase. Because going inside an unknown is risky for the bulgar.


position the cctv camera at hallwayImage via Canva


You also need to make sure the CCTV Camera will cover the whole hallway. Not just a few steps because hallways usually have a long area than other places.


  • Living room

The next place is the living room. The living room is also one of the important places to install CCTV cameras. There tricky is you should position the CCTV Camera where nobody can find it almost like a hidden camera.


position the cctv camera in the living roomImage via Canva


The hidden camera is to monitor your child’s activity and for their safety. When leaving your kids behind to a nanny or a babysitter it’s always better to for a hidden CCTV camera. The CCTV camera can be positioned near the television or the curtain. Places where nobody will look for a camera.


  • Blindspot

At the house, it’s hard to leave a blind spot because the important places have already been covered by the CCTV camera already. For your kid’s room, it’s better not to install it in there. to respect your kid’s privacy.


Cctv camera at homeImage via Pinterest


Unless your child is under 13 years old for safety reasons you may install a CCTV Camera. Don’t make the CCTV Camera hidden so that your kids will know you are watching them.


3. Factory

Main Entrance

Before getting into a factory the first thing we need to pass by is the main entrance. Whoever wants to enter the factory needs to enter view the main entrance. But where to position the CCTV Camera?

CCTV Camera position at factoryImage via i-park @senai airport city


Position the CCTV Camera at the gate or the fence at the main entrance. In this way, you can monitor who is entering the factory. not only that the CCTV Camera at the entrance also helps with face recognization and identifies the number of plates from the vehicle.

One of the CCTV Cameras must be lower and the other one higher so each one will capture the face and the number plate.



Just like mentioned above the position of the CCTV Camera at the receptionist is similar. The CCTV Camera must be behind the receptionist and position the CCTV Camera not so low, not so high. To capture the face of the visitor in that CCTV Camera.

Manufacturing area

The manufacturing area is the place you can find all your employee. Except for the safety reason you can also install a CCTV Camera in the manufacturing area to monitor your staff’s activity. This will help to increase the productivity of the staff as well.


CCTV camera at factory manufacturing areaImage via The Economic times


The CCTV Camera should be position at a high position because this will help to cover a large part of the area and you also can decrease the number of CCTV cameras.


Loading dock

The loading dock is the next possible way to enter the factory. The position of the CCTV camera has to be in the middle of each loading dock. This is the make sure the trucks number plate is registered to the company.


CCTV camera at factory loading bay

Image via Canva


10 Common Mistakes

  1. When positioning the CCTV Camera at high places make sure the CCTV Camera is not too high from the ground. This will result in not getting a clear image
  2. When placing the CCTV Camera in dark places like the car park make sure to pick the type of CCTV Camera with night vision. Or you can also install a light system.
  3. A low-quality CCTV Camera gives you a blurry image.
  4. Make sure there isn’t any other CCTV Camera pointing in the same direction
  5. To avoid the CCTV Camera being vandalized, place the CCTV Camera 9 feet up from the ground.
  6. Do not place a CCTV Camera behind a window. Because the image that you are going get is the CCTV Camera recording its reflection
  7. The type of CCTV Camera for different locations changes according to it.
  8.  You should never place a CCTV Camera in the toilet/bathroom
  9. Having many CCTV Cameras isn’t a guarantee for more protection
  10. Get your CCTV Camera into service at least once a year.


10 common mistake when install CCTV cameraImage via Reddit, how to geek, Tv tropes, Tv Tropes,  Alamy & Tiphero


To Sum Up

Nowadays everyone knows the importance of installing a CCTV Camera. Unfortunately, the number of people who know about the importance of posting the CCTV Camera is low. there are many complex things that need to be considered.

You don’t really have to worry about it if you have a consultant to guide you. There are many security companies that offer the price of installing the CCTV Camera, maintaining it, and will also give your expert opinions.

One of the best companies with the best offer is the CSI Solution. They have all types of CCTV cameras that you are looking for. Contact them from here.

CSI solution

Over the years, we have embarked to be the best provider of security and surveillance systems for many homeowners and retailers here in Malaysia. All businesses, regardless of size, warrant our full attention and service. We know our clients definitely need to pay extra attention to such intricate security details at their workplace.

We are one of the leading home security providers in Johor Bahru, Malaysia empowers us to have the experience and true understanding of how security, particularly remote surveillance and access control security, is of uttermost value to any business.



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