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CMS:6 Ways To Build Safe Home Environment


Safety is the basic need of an individual’s life. Once safety is not guaranteed, people’s survival will be problematic, and they will not be able to engage in any social activities. Home is a warm haven for us after work and study. In our home life, home safety is the most important in our lifestyle.

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In the United States, 2.5 million children are injured every year due to negligent family accidents; more than 620,000 silver-haired people rush to the emergency room due to accidents at home. Among them, especially young children and the elderly who are unable to resist.

Why has a home that should be the safest place become a dangerous place everywhere? Is your home safe? How to create a safe home environment?

1. Improve family members’ awareness of security

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To do anything, it is important to have a consciousness. Many families forget to pull out the keys after they go out. Although they found it after they came back, some thieves secretly matched the keys. After a while, they discovered that there was no sign of damage in their home, but the house assets were stolen.

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In the family, every member of the family needs to have this safety awareness and anti-theft awareness, and no opportunity is given to thieves. Safety precautions are more important than remedies.

Although most thieves are willing to choose to steal when no one is at home if the intruder suddenly returns home during the robbery or someone is home during the robbery, the intruder may commit other crimes such as rape, robbery, and assault. Call the police immediately and install AI surveillance systems to avoid happening again.

2. Always pay attention to doors and windows

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If the home is unoccupied for a long time, please close all windows and doors and turn off the power in the home. In addition, the thief often wanders outside the target’s home. If the windows and doors are frequently opened, the thief will only have the opportunity to take advantage of it. He can even understand the structure and road map of your home through the field of vision and discover the valuables of your home. More info.

3. Build a good relationship with neighbour

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Establishing a good relationship with your neighbours can help you build more trusted helpers. Why do I say that your neighbour can be your good helper? Because a trusted neighbour can help you with housework when you are not at home. In addition, you can give the extra key to your trusted neighbour, let them serve the safety of your home when you do not have any safety security.

If a stranger and behave suspiciously, your trusted neighbour can call one of your family members or dial 110 directly. More info.

4.  Security equipment need to be updated or replaced

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Many families now have security systems and equipment, but they are all old. More info. Some families are greedy for cheap, so the locks or other security equipment they buy on the market are fake or imperfect. These types of equipment allow trained thieves to open them in a few seconds.

For example, snap locks or seemingly fake closed-circuit televisions are basically useless in the eyes of thieves. It is recommended to check the locks or other security equipment at home regularly.

5. Take care of your valuables

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Don’t store large amounts of cash and valuables at home, and don’t put passbooks and valuables together with your residence booklet and resident ID card. If you have valuables such as famous watches, gold and silver jewellery, gold and silver coins, it is recommended that you buy a vault or upgrade the security system.

Vault is best to use electronic passwords and mechanical locks for double insurance. Place it in an unnoticed corner of the home and use a curtain or wood. Items such as boxes are cleverly concealed and try not to attract the attention of outsiders.

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When the elderly in the family are not used to using electronic wallets or even trust online transfers, they will accumulate a lot of cash at home, which puts the family in danger. Try to communicate with elders to deposit their cash in the bank, and if possible, teach them to use electronic methods to withdraw and deposit money.

6. Central Monitoring System (CMS) Service

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The central monitoring system (CMS) is a 24/7 hours intelligent monitoring system and has ultra-high technology to scan all suspicious people and whereabouts and take effective safety measures and behaviours.

The central monitoring system (CMS) can integrate the above five points and can be implemented more effectively. The central monitoring system (CMS) monitors your home endlessly, making you feel at ease while working outside. Even if a suspicious person appears, the system will quickly send an emergency notification to contact the homeowner, CSI professionals and take action or contact the police. More info.

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CMS:6 Ways To Build Safe Home Environment