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How Central Monitoring System Prevent Burglary 24/7?

How Central Monitoring System Prevent Burglary 24/7?

Central Monitoring System System services are used by many security service provider to give customer who require high security / video monitoring.

How to Prevent Burglary by Central Monitoring System


Most of the time, people will think to install  CCTV at home or work place to prevent burglary. Another question come across after you have a good CCTV installed all over the place where you think the thief might break through. Still there would be some minor case will happen and can’t be prevent until you found it out. Then only try to retrieve the recording footage from the CCTV recorder. It is too late to do so.


how to prevent burglary

Central Video Monitoring Room


You will start thinking, should I hire somebody just to sit in front of the CCTV monitor whole day and night? Otherwise the thief still break into my house ignoring the existence of the CCTV.

Unless somebody found out dangerous ‘moving objects’ come near to the premises from the CCTV. Immediately approaching the suspicious person and stop them by entering. The cost for hiring people to watch the CCTV footage is huge, and this is a tedious job ever.

At this point, you should start to think about to prevent burglary by central monitoring system. First think to understand what is central monitoring system?


How to Prevent Burglary for Shop Lot and Factory by CENTRAL MONITORING SYSTEM Security Service


Let us talk about the traditional CCTV security system. In the previous article, I talked about the difference between digital CCTV and analog CCTV. You will need a CCTV recorder to store all the footage captured. This recorder will have a limited timeframe for video recording.



how to prevent burglary


For example, all the video data captured will store for 2 days, it depends also on the recorder storage size, CCTV image quality, and quantity of installed CCTV. The whole CCTV system designed for every 2 days interval storage, then you will loss the footage without doing manual storage. The whole purpose of security service does not achieve if you realize something not right after the 2nd day.

Another situation might happen in this way, the burglary break through your shop lot, the first thing will look for the CCTV video recorder device. Take along with the recorder, all data records will be lost.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) One of The Most Powerful Security Service

Sometimes that even a human is watching live footage, usually from multiple video feeds. Most surveillance cameras are passive. But technology improving at a fast pace. AI is going to supercharge the security service system. AI is consolidated a pair of eyes and brain, letting both of them to have analysis function.


security service

The brain will analyze all live video and sending an alarm signal to the first line responder. This could be an advantage in the security service on how to prevent burglary by the AI video monitoring. But it also raises a disadvantage on human privacy because you will be tracked and recognized whenever this AI surveillance is presented. From the picture, AI video monitoring can frame the human.



security system

Source: Canva


AI-based auto-tracking offers a very high level of accuracy because it is not distracted by video noise, waving trees, moving clouds or animals. In simple terms, it ignores these common causes of false alarms because it is only looking for people or vehicles.


Indicate the Area to Cover by The Camera

We already know the recent giant leap in technology make auto-tracking to level higher.  The CCTV shall cover as much as the perimeter where the burglary could possibly to happen. The latest generation of video monitoring cameras equipped with highly accurate deep-leaning AI-based video analytics.

It can analyze human motion that would potentially be involved in criminal activity as they around the camera field of view. The AI camera will trigger an alarm event to security who in charge of the central monitoring room.



how to prevent burglary

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Then the security will stop the people by doing so or further call the police to take over the situation. In this series of protocols, could stop the criminal from happening. The system also will notify the customer immediately.


Advantage of Central Monitoring System

  1. This service continuously providing you security protection 24/7. Once the system is set, the AI will do its own learning. You do not need to do any adjustments to the system.
  2. A smart thief will break the camera before entering. With this central monitoring system, immediately an alarm will trigger the security staff who keep an eye on the central monitoring room.
  3. CCTV storage also a type of hard disk device. While the CCTV is running, the video data keeps writing the hard disk while the old data is deleted. The hard disk lifespan will be shortened due to continuous operation. Nobody will take care of the hard disk condition. It is always too late to know the hard disk storage broken when there is something happens.
  4. Central Monitoring System can reduce operation expenses spend on the security guard. The electronic devices could perform more efficient compare to human might fall asleep at late night.


Process Flow Diagram of Central Monitoring System


Central Monitoring System


Central Monitoring System Flow Chart


Firstly, When the thief comes under the AI camera coverage area. The AI camera will auto-focus the thief’s action. If the thief tries to break into the premises, then the AI camera will send a signal to the central monitoring system.

CSI staff are staying in the video monitoring room 24hr keep an eye on the system. Once the system pop up warning notification, the CSI staff will activate the alarm to try to drive away from the thief.

The thief no afraid of the alarm, then CSI staff will proceed to the next step, call the police to take over the situation. That is why the security system always worth the investment.


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How Central Monitoring System Prevent Burglary 24/7?



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