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What Is a Video Surveillance System?

Video Surveillance system

Now is the era of network technology. Even grandparents have used the Internet. More and more places have installed video surveillance systems, which are closely related to our lives and are inseparable; but what a video surveillance system? Let’s talk about it.

The video surveillance system is an important part of the security technology protection system, is an advanced and preventive ability of a comprehensive system, it can directly watch all the situation of the monitored site through the remote-control camera and its auxiliary equipment.


What Video Surveillance System Do?


  1. Remote monitoring system


Remote is through standard telephone lines, network, mobile broadband, and ISDN data lines or direct connections, anywhere in the world, with control of the platform/lens, and storage of video surveillance images. The remote security monitoring system is based on a digital network as a transmission medium, network video server core. Comprehensive use of digital video processing technology, automatic control, network transmission technology, and artificial intelligence technology. And there are also the fast video processing capabilities of ordinary security monitoring systems, digital information anti-interference capabilities, faster query records, etc. The main advantages are as follows:

  • The structure is clear and simple: The monitoring host realizes many functions of the video matrix, screen splitter, and other equipment in the analog system through the network video centralized monitoring system management software, and realizes the recording function through the computer hard disk, which the system structure is greatly simplified and the integration is high
  • Easy to manage: Since the digital monitoring system is based on computers and network equipment, most of the system control management functions are realized by the computers, no need to simulate several complex types of equipment in the system, reducing the intensity of the management work of operation and maintenance personnel.
  • Powerful operational features: multiple display modes; multi-screen intelligent switching round tour; various early warning modes; multiple recording methods such as real-time, timing, alarm trigger, and start and stop at any time; picture capture printing; intelligent fast video playback query and so on.
  • Easy monitoring: Because the fully digital network video centralized monitoring mode is based on the network characteristics, there is no need to increase equipment investment, remote or local monitoring center on the network can monitor, video or any playback of one or more monitoring scene pictures, authorized networked computers can also achieve monitoring functions, to avoid the geographical spacing causes of inconvenience and lack of supervision and management.
  • High security: image masking technology to prevent illegal tampering of video recordings; any authorized computer on the network can make video backup, effectively prevent malicious damage; network fault network-off caching function, effectively protect video data; video interrupts host alarm function; authorization rating management function; Powerful log management capabilities.
  • Unlimited seamless scalability: The increase of the monitoring camera is mainly the increase of remote monitoring points at the front end, and the monitoring front end through IP address identification, adding equipment means that the expansion of IP address, a simple structure can be formed into a multi-level monitoring network reference.


Benefits of Video Surveillance System


  1. Intelligent video surveillance


Intelligent video surveillance is the use of computer vision technology to process, analyze, and understand video signals. Under the condition of no human intervention, the changes in the monitoring scene are located, identified, and tracked by the automatic analysis of sequence images, the behavior of the target is analyzed and judged. The intelligent video surveillance can send out an alarm or provide useful information in a time when an abnormal situation occurs, and effectively assist the security personnel in dealing with the crisis, and minimize false alarm and false alarm.



Video surveillance provide 360 degree view of home

  1. 360° panoramic shooting


The 360-degree panoramic camera can monitor 400 square meters of the area without a blind spot and has a fish-eye lens head and 360-degree panoramic view. A 360-degree panoramic camera can replace several ordinary cameras to achieve no blind-spot monitoring; it applies to a wide range of scenarios, including prisons, government agencies, banks, social security, public places, cultural places, etc.



Alarm system will align with different scenario requirement

  1. Application scenarios


The video surveillance system is powerful and easy to operate. The system innovatively realizes the integration and linkage of video surveillance and conference, to achieve the dual functions of monitoring and communication, and fully meet the remote monitoring of various fields such as transportation, water conservancy, oil field, banking, and telecommunications. And emergency command requirements.


Regarding what is a video surveillance system, the relevant content is the list above. There are many benefits of surveillance, which can use in many aspects, and it can also provide a good guarantee for the safety of human life and property. If you have any questions, you can contact CSI CCTV Johor Bahru. We are happy to answer your questions and share with you our years of security monitoring experience.

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