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6 Questions To Ask Your CCTV Provider

CCTV Provider

Considering the cost of the equipment and installation, it is an investment for you. It is important that you get a rough idea of what’s going to happen before or after the installation. Here’s some question ask your CCTV provider before the installation.

No matter home or business, robberies are multiplied nowadays. Although it is not a necessity, it definitely will increase your home’s security

1. Is It An Infrared or Non-Infrared Camera

CCTV provider
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A non-infrared camera does not work in the dark, so if you need to install it at a place with lighting problems and need to check the CCTV often, you will have to check with your service provider if it is an infrared or non-infrared camera. 

Infrared lenses allow us to watch in the dark. Although an infrared camera has a higher cost, you may want to consider installing an infrared camera if you have a lighting problem. It will help you with a better version. 

If not, a non-infrared camera should be enough with a good lighting situation. So better to your service provider for a piece of advice.

2. Features of the CCTV

CCTV Provider
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You may think that CCTV is just for recording. But you may want to consider if the features of the CCTV fit your need. 

Below are some features you will want to consider

  • Waterproof – if you install your CCTV outside, you will want to install a waterproof camera. You wouldn’t want the rain to damage it.
  • Motion sensor – this is another feature that you will want it. For example, if everyone will be out in the daytime for work, and you know there will be no one in the house. Motion sensor allows detecting if somebody is intruding on your property immediately.
  • Microphone & Speaker – You wouldn’t know that one day if an employee or any of your relatives happens to be planning a burglary and has been recorded by your CCTV, you will get to know what is it about. 
  • Day and Night recording – By recording 24/7, you will be able to playback the time you want to view. Just in case something has happened.

3. Can the CCTV Connect to My Mobile

CCTV provider
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It is very convenient nowadays as technology has advanced. It is not like in the past that you will have to sit in from of your huge monitor to view your CCTV. Most of it should connect to your mobile phone as long as you have the internet to link it with the CCTV.

You can check with your CCTV provider to connect the CCTV to your mobile. Usually, you will need to download their apps and enter the IP address.

Once connected to your mobile, you will be able to view it anytime at any place. Even when you are overseas, you will get a live view to monitor your site.

4. Does Your CCTV Provide Give Warranty

CCTV provider
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Equipment usually has a chance of breakdowns or system failures. It may be caused by natural occurrences like lightning strikes or installation problems. Usually, providers will provide a warranty on parts from 1 to 3 years, depending on the system you purchase

It is best to check with your provider to ensure that you will have a fully functional system at all times. You do not want to invest in the CCTV system without a warranty. You will end up with an additional cost for repairing.

5. What Kind of Hardware are You Installing

CCTV provider
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Many people focus on the features of CCTV but neglect the hardware. The hardware is as necessary as considering the recording medium’s quality. 

It is important that hard drives need to be checked periodically. Sometimes the hard drive has not been working for days without our knowledge until we investigate something and it turns out that period is not recorded. 

You have to know how long is the recording kept as when the limit is up, they will overwrite the previous data, or you will have to delete the data to continue with the recording. So remember to backup your data if needed.

6. What are the Monthly Cost

CCTV provider
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There will be some monthly charges for the CCTV systems for some companies for system maintenance or software licensing. Make sure you have checked with the provider. Please make sure you understand what they are charging for.

There will be some CCTV camera system without any monthly fee. You will need to pay for the installation and access all the options. 

It depends on whether the company provides the needs you need to do some proper research.

It is essential that what type of CCTV you are getting. Ensure that you get the information you want and get the CCTV that fits your need. You wouldn’t know when you will need the footage for evidence. 

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