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11 Advantage Of Choosing IP Camera

11 advantage of choosing ip camera

IP Camera is also called an Internet Protocol camera, is a type of digital video camera which receives data and image via IP network. It’s commonly used for surveillance but not like CCTV cameras. What is the benefit of an IP camera?
IP cameras are webcams, so it’s more popular in these few years cause people can monitor it with smartphones or computers anywhere anytime.

11 Advantage Of Choosing IP Camera



Benefits Of IP Camera 1: Cost-effective

IP cameras required higher initial expenditures than analog cameras for the first time, but it has become increasingly cheaper in recent years. In fact, IP cameras are now a more affordable option.

In addition, the IP camera monitoring system has greater scalability and reliability. You will find that digitization will save you more in the medium and long term.


Benefits Of IP Camera 2: Secure Transmission

IP cameras have built-in encryption for secure video transmission. In fact, analog cameras doesn’t, which means hackers may intercept your data or replace your video signal.

IP Camera prevent hackers

IP camera with Secure Transmission can prevent hackers from intercepting your data or replace your video signal.

Benefits Of IP Camera 3: Easy To Maintenance

The main reasons why IP camera systems are getting more and more popularity:

  1. The manufacturers of traditional analog CCTV systems are slowly becoming fewer,
  2. There are fewer and fewer replacement parts for the associated analog CCTV.
  3. As the trend of the development of high-definition digital monitoring is continues, it will be more difficult to repair, maintain and replace existing analog equipment.


Benefits Of IP Camera 4: High-Resolution Images

Whether it is wired or wireless, CCTV systems that use IP have multiple advantages. IP Camera can record the monitoring screen with higher resolution. This means that zooming in an image does not easily produce blurred blocks, and it is easier to construct a very clear image.


Some of the best analog cameras can capture lenses up to half a megapixel. IP cameras can capture up to 3-megapixel lenses. This is 6 times the image resolution or sharpness. The difference is not the quality of the camera, but the amount of information that can be processed by the IP system. With an analog system, you can’t bring a lot of visual information together. But the IP system for CCTV can.


Benefits Of IP Camera 5: Increased Frame Rate

IP cameras have a higher frame rate than analog cameras (comparing 30-60 / sec with 6-10 / sec), which improves the mobility and clarity of security recordings. Especially in high-motion areas, IP cameras are a smarter and more reliable choice.


Benefits Of IP Camera 6: Remote Access

Users of an IP-based digital monitoring system can log in online. As long as they can access the Internet, they can remotely view the enterprise’s security video and manage the system through a set of software and applications.


Benefits Of IP Camera 7: Simplified Video Streaming

Video streaming is very complex, in addition to requiring multiple protocols, codecs, playback equipment and must face technical challenges. By using an IP camera that combines a camera and an encoder, you can simplify your streaming workflow. This eliminates the need for a separate encoder and reduces the hardware involved in the workflow.


In addition, through the existing products and services that you have already popularized, you can easily intercept real-time video streams of IP cameras and transcode them, and then reliably deliver high-quality multi-format video to any place anywhere Connected devices.


Benefits Of IP Camera 8: Analysis Tools

Digital video recorders (DVRs) on analog systems cannot highlight events and save them. To find a specific moment, you must browse all the recordings until you find it. For security incidents that may occur overnight, this means that it takes hours to wipe. The IP system can highlight or mark events for you based on specific parameters. This may include motion detection, camera tampering, and a series of other events

Benefits Of IP CCTV Camera

Benefits Of IP Camera 9: Greater Scalability And Flexibility

The analog system needs to lay cables for each individual camera to connect to a single DVR, so this will limit the amount of your cameras. The IP camera CCTV uses a network video recorder (NVR). This allows each camera to operate to a single switch within a certain range. Then, connect back to the NVR from here, which greatly saves wiring, installation and maintenance fees. You can even use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power the camera using certain types of signal cables.


Benefits Of IP Camera 10: Affordable Live Broadcast

For the organizers of many events, each additional on-site camera operator will often increase the cost a lot. Remote camera operation Operators can use the PTZ(the horizontal tilt zoom) functions of multiple IP cameras with built-in H.264 / AAC encoding in real-time and switch between them to produce a professional live broadcast. Wedding restaurants in parts of Malaysia have used this technology to allow the wedding process to be posted on the big screen in real-time.


Benefits Of Ip Camera 11: Analog Cameras Have Gradually Become Obsolete

IP cameras have higher resolution, greater scalability, functionality, and ever-increasing functionality, and have now become the gold standard for video surveillance. The simulation technology is outdated, and traditional analog CCTV cameras are developing in an obsolete direction. If your existing analog camera fails, finding replacement cameras or parts becomes more and more difficult.

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11 Advantage Of Choosing IP Camera

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