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How to install a video surveillance system by yourself? 4 steps to install CCTV camera

How to install a video surveillance system by yourself? 4 steps to install CCTV camera

Install CCTV camera system isn’t that hard. Before you start installing CCTV, ask yourself what type of CCTV system do you require?

In general, CCTV serves as a monitoring system, it can be used for security monitoring, safety monitoring, protection monitoring, prevention monitoring, etc.

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Installing CCTV depends on what purpose you are looking for. Take this as the goal, you can purchase the CCTV package to suit your objectives.

Let me tell you 7 important things about home security video surveillance 


4 Steps to Install CCTV Camera by yourself

4 steps on CCTV installation

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How to Install CCTV Camera?

You can install the whole CCTV by yourself, the whole installation is not that complicated. You can just do it with the few steps below:

How to install a CCTV camera? That is so easy, follow the guidelines.


4 Steps to Install CCTV Camera

Before you start, you need to get ready with a CCTV package. Other than a CCTV package, prepare household tools such as a screwdriver, drill bits, and ladder. Screwdriver and drill bits are used to mount the CCTV camera on the wall or ceiling. You might need to prepare two kinds of drill bits one for wood-based another one for cement wall-based drill bits. A ladder is compulsory for the installation on a higher level. The ceiling is always around 2.5m to 4m in height in your house. Standing on the ladder must be able to reach the installation point.



1. Install CCTV Camera Location

The first thing is to make a plan and decide the spot where you would like to install your camera. you can focus on the high traffic spot where the people could break-in. If you are using the CCTV camera for house security purposes. For example front and back doors, windows, and stairways. However, some people would like their CCTV cameras to serve as video surveillance. Where they will install the CCTV in living room or kitchen to monitor the elderly or children staying alone in the house during day time there is nobody at home.

Installation point

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DO NOT INSTALL CCTV cameras at the location which will cause sexy harassment to anybody, this video surveillance is considered a wrongful act under the law.

Make sure this location will provide a wide viewing angle, your CCTV camera will have the best performance in motion detection.

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Because CSI solution CCTV camera using AI to prevent crime to happen.


2. Draft the Cable Route

To install a CCTV camera you will need a power supply and cable running. The cable will connect to the central control unit where all the video data will be processed. Find the nearest route if you are installing a CCTV camera at your 2 storeys, or 3 storey house.

Installation by yourself

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Suggest you install the CCTV camera cable expose outside the house. You can use a junction box, connector or hide cable to prevent your camera from potential failure by installing the CCTV camera outside the home. The running cable also should be arranged neatly, not dangling to avoid being inadvertently hit by other stuff.

wireless CCTV camera is the best choice, the installation is less headache. 



3. Setup For Install CCTV Camera System

There are 2 types of CCTV camera systems: the traditional analogue CCTV camera and IP camera. If you are asking which type of camera perform better, the answer definitely will go to IP camera. The traditional analogue CCTV is outdated, it is not friendly in many ways, such as installation, function, setting, etc.

Analog and IP Camera

Source: Canva


To set up a full set of analogue CCTV cameras require an analogue CCTV camera, digital video recorder (DVR), LAN cable, network router, workstation/monitor. Connect in this way: CCTV Camera —> DVR —> LCD monitor / router. The router allows you to connect to the internet and the remote view from any internet-connected device.

CCTV Camera

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To set up a full set of IP cameras require an IP camera, PoE switch, network video recorder (NVR), LAN cable, network router, workstation/monitor. Connect in this way: IP camera —> PoE switch —> PC / NVR —> PC / router. Then you can remote view from any internet-connected device.

CCTV Camera

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So you can see, the difference between the 2 types of systems just the camera, and video processing part. DVR that records, processes, and stores all the data. The NVR also have the same function. Despite, NVR having more flexibility to connect more numbers of cameras, compared to DVR will be limited by the number of ports one DVR has.

Analog CCTV produced lower image quality video quality, it is not recommended to get this type.

Interested to know more about analogue CCTV cameras and IP cameras?



4. Install CCTV Camera Device

Install your CCTV camera at 2 to 3m on the ground for you to capture and wider and clear image. The CCTV camera will normally come with the mounting bracket. Screw the camera base or bracket directly if it is a wooden wall. Use a wall plug or anchor bolt if you are mounting the camera onto a masonry surface. Adjust the camera, until you get the best angle and lock the camera in position.

CCTV Camera Johor expert CSI Solution

Source: Canva

Please avoid facing the camera directly towards the sunlight or rainfall. You can always check the installation guidelines included in the camera or check with CCTV Camera Johor expert CSI Solution.



If you have all the equipment with you and can install the camera by yourself. It is free after you pay for the whole CCTV set. Nowadays camera design to be installed-friendly, some even you can have a double-sided tape set on a table. However, you need to be careful with the camera mounted on the wall as the wall is hard to penetrate sometimes.

The wireless camera would be a better choice if you DIY on installation. Because the camera just needs to put on a power cord. It does not require running the ethernet cable as a data transfer back to the digital video recorder’s receiver for image processing.



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