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Guide for CCTV: 5 Simple Ways To Choose A CCTV Camera

Ways to choose a CCTV Camera

Ever wonder which CCTV camera is the best for you? How to choose the best CCTV camera? If these kinds of questions always play in your mind, just hold on because I will show you a simple guide for CCTV with 5 Ways to choose a CCTV Camera.


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Guide For CCTV: 5 Ways to Choose A CCTV Camera

Guide for CCTV: 5 Simple Ways To Choose A CCTV Camera


1. Cheaper is more expensive

Cheaper is expensive

Image by Chatbotize. me

The first guide for CCTV is to consider the price of CCTV.

People tend to compare the price of goods to decide which one is cheaper and expensive. But, do you ever compare the quality of the goods to decide which one is cheaper and expensive? Here’s the thing, buying a lower-priced product that does not last long will make you buy another product. But, buying a high-price product that lasts long will save you money. So, you need to buy a CCTV system that values your money.


Let me explain this in a way that you could understand. Price and cost are different. Let’s assume that you are looking for two pairs of shoes. The first pair is for RM 250 and the other pair is for RM450. When you look at the price offered, there is a huge difference. But, you need to consider the other things before you decide which one is more expensive.


Next, you need to look into the quality of the product. The RM250 shoe is of average quality and only lasts for 18month if worn every day before it needs to be replaced. While the RM450 shoe is a high-quality shoe and lasts for 48 months. 


So, can you see which one is more worth it to buy? After 18monthsh you need to buy another shoe while the RM450 still lasts for another 30 months. It is a smart move to invest in a good quality CCTV system rather than buying unbranded CCTV systems that later will make you regret.


In this case, you need to search for a better CCTV supplier. For example in Malaysia, there is Dahua Security Malaysia SDN.BHD that supplies CCTV in over 180 countries and regions. So you can find out which CCTV systems can value your money.


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2. Understand the capabilities of CCTV camera

Before you make a purchase, make sure you know the capabilities of the CCTV that you choose. Capabilities here refer to the lens size, the angle degree that the camera cover and the data storage memory. 





The video above shows different angles recorded by different CCTV cameras. For example, there are a few types of lenses. There are wide lenses, fixed cameras and varifocal cameras. Usually, a wide lens is more desirable for keeping an eye on a large area. While a fixed camera is suitable for a small area.

The varifocal cameras are very suitable for people who want to get close ups on an area or object that is 50 foot away.


Different CCTV cameras have different amounts of storage. It is either for long term storage or short term storage. . Short-term storage is the recycling of the available storage space using the first in first out (FIFO) principle. For example, if the CCTV cameras recorder only can store data for 2 weeks, the footage for the previous 3 weeks cannot be retrieved.


On other hand, long-term storage can be defined as indefinite storage of information. Usually, long-term storage can store more data. For example, the data from the previous week will not be deleted automatically. It will be stored in archive storage. You need to know all of these things before making a purchase.


3. Consider the installation cost

The next guide for CCTV is to consider its cost of installation.

It is good for you to ask about the total cost of purchasing and installing the surveillance camera to avoid any surprise cost.

So you need to know the cost of the recorders and the other expenses for cable, connectors, the power supply, and the cost for the labour to install it. It is purposely to ensure that you are purchasing the CCTV camera within your budget.



CCTV installation Cost

Image by Shutterstock

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4. Consider the extra support of lightning

lightning support for cctv

Image by The New Yorker


CCTV cameras obviously can record during the day but at night, it needs an extra lightning support or else it will only record in black and white.


So, for your information, a CCTV camera that comes with low light support is available but it is so expensive. Another option for you is just providing lightning support, for example, LED lamps. It will save you money rather than buying a low light CCTV camera.


For example, if you double the distance to the subject being lit, you need FOUR times the original light.  So, if you want CCTV for identifying criminal suspects, you have to design it for such.

5. Seek for professional advice

The last guide for CCTV is to seek professional advice.

When you face a problem in deciding, you can always seek professional advice. They can assist you in making a decision. They can give you a full picture of the type of CCTV cameras and the quality of the CCTV. You can also request to see different types of footage recorded from different CCTV cameras. You may also seek their advice on which CCTV cameras are suitable for you.


Finding CCTV Supplier in Johor Bahru with high-quality CCTV?

From there you can decide which CCTV is worth it to be purchased. For Johorean, there is a CCTV supplier in Johor Bahru which is a CSI SOLUTION company that can assist you regarding the CCTV camera.

CSI SOLUTION also always provides the best and high-quality CCTV for its customers! They especially provide CCTV installation in Johor Bahru. If you need, you can contact them.

Guide for CCTV: 5 Simple Ways To Choose A CCTV Camera




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