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CMS: 2 Kinds Of People Needs The Latest AI Security Service

CMS: 2 Kinds Of People Needs The Latest AI Security Service

I believe that many people have something they want to protect, including property and relatives that are important to them. It cannot be denied that family members are important existences. No matter where we go, home is the place we care about most. No matter what we do, it is to make our parents or children live better. If you are a parent, you will regard the safety of your family as your top priority.


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If you are an employer, I believe you will definitely not want to waste your company resources, let alone be stolen. Company resources include tangible assets and intangible assets. Tangible assets refer to assets such as materials, consumables, computers and equipment, while intangible assets include information assets, brand protection, employee time and talents, confidential information, and other intellectual property rights.


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An ai security system service like CMS is designed to protect people and property from any of a variety of means or equipment that are widely harmed, including crime, fire, accident, espionage, sabotage, and attack. So, who needs the latest AI security service so far?


1. People Who As A Parents

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Most parents always worry that their children will be kidnapped or violent by strangers outside, but they do not know that the safety of their children at home has become a major threat. Experts say that children between the ages of 1-4 are more likely to die accidentally at home than the bad guys, such as fire, burns, drowning, suffocation, poisoning, falling from heights, etc.

According to an investigation by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 2.3 million children have accidents each year and more than 2500 people are killed. This is why it is so important to protect children at home. Read more.



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How to protect the safety of family members? Even if the security measures for all kinds of furniture are done well, security threats cannot be avoided. Many parents need to work outside for a long time. Therefore, parents cannot know what is happening at home while they are working. You might say that you hire a maid or a nanny to take care of the children at home, but many murders and thefts also come from these people. Read more.


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No one knows that your old man may fall at home or pass out at home, or that your child may accidentally be scalded, or that your housekeeper may steal. Therefore, you must have a more complete and advanced security system or equipment to protect your family. With the progress of the times, criminals have become more intelligent, and normal CCTV cannot meet the needs of people nowadays. Read more.


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There is now a high-tech security system called central monitoring system (CMS). With the service of the central monitoring system (CMS), parents do not have to worry about the whereabouts and safety of their children at home.

The system can monitor your home 24 hours a day, and can even notify you of the situation at home in an emergency. You can check your child’s whereabouts through the system at any time. The system is supervised by CSI professionals, so unusual situations at home can be notified and dealt with immediately, allowing you to work in the field with peace of mind. Read more.


2. People Who As A Employer

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In a company or retail store, the main security issues are hacking, shoplifting, and employee dishonesty, such as theft, embezzlement of public funds, and fraud. As an employer, things to protect include personal safety in the company, such as employees and customers.

The tangible property includes plant, company equipment, products, cash, and talent information. Intangible assets include highly confidential security information or proprietary information or trade secrets, monetary funds, financial assets, long-term equity investments, patent rights, and trademark rights.


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Employers must reduce the probability of loss, so it is necessary to protect the company’s assets. Some small companies cannot afford proprietary security personnel or security personnel, so they incorporate measures into their daily work and personnel training.


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Many large international companies now have similar central monitoring systems to protect their companies. The central monitoring system (CMS) can not only monitor and protect the company’s assets 24 hours a day but also contact the police if the company is invaded to reduce the risk of loss. Employers who own the system can be assured that their assets will not be stolen, and can even reduce the suspicion of employees. When the company’s equipment or information is damaged or stolen, the employer can know the truth and take the fairest and correct choice.


CMS: 2 Kinds Of People Needs The Latest AI Security Service

If you are a smart employer, you know that spending money to hire a security guard will not completely protect your assets. On the contrary, it will make your company spend more. A complete and absolutely safe system saves you from worrying about not getting the money you throw away. The central monitoring system (CMS) will allow your company to receive absolute protection. Read more.



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CMS: 2 Kinds Of People Needs The Latest AI Security Service

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