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Central Monitoring System: 4 Ways To Solve False Alarm

Central Monitoring System

You install the alarm system to protect your home and keep your family safe. But, false alarms seems like a common error that might cause you undue worry and makes you feel annoying. Normally, your children accidentally play with it, or pets trigger motion alarms, and also dirty sensors could trigger false alarms too.

To counter false alarms is to understand the cause and learn how to prevent them. But the best way to prevent false alarms is to install the best security system of 2022, the AI Central Monitoring System.

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4 Ways To Solve False Alarm: 1. Educate Your Children

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As a parent, you should educate your children on various safety measures and the usability of various safety equipment as early as possible. Children are always naughty. They like to touch things in front of them, even things they are interested in. This will encourage them to touch the alarm back, causing the false alarm.

Teach children not to like to touch safety systems or equipment, and let them know the consequences of the false alarm. One suggestion here is to make an agreement with them in advance and punish them if they break the agreement.

4 Ways To Solve False Alarm: 2. Lock Before You Activate The Alarm

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We will lock the door and window before going out, but we often forget to lock the door and window before turning on the alarm. If we turn on the alarm system without locking the doors and windows, it will cause us some unnecessary troubles. Turn off the alarm and lock the doors and windows before restarting the alarm system. If not, it will easily affect the alarm system and cause a false alarm.

The suggestion here is to develop the habit of frequently locking doors and closing windows, and ask yourself if you are prepared before turning on the alarm. Another suggestion is to ask one of the trusted members of the family to remind yourself so that you are not afraid of forgetting. Read More.

4 Ways To Solve False Alarm: 3. Adjust Your Security System

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Nowadays, most people have pets, but we haven’t handled the location of the security system in our home very well so that cute pets can take advantage of it. Pets are like children, they like to touch things in front of them and are interested in them. Some pets can be educated well, but some pets are not so obedient. If pets often break your things, you might get angry. Similarly, if pets break your safety equipment, it will cost a lot of money to repair it. Read More.

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As far as possible, place the alarm at a high place where pets can’t touch, or there are obstructions to protect the alarm system to prevent pets from accidentally touching or damaging them. In addition, you must be familiar with your pet’s climbing habits, avoid placing the alarm system in a place where it is familiar, and avoid placing it in a place where it often plays.

Some alarm systems will mistakenly think that pets are treated as adults because pets also have heat, so when the owner is not at home, the alarm will mistakenly think that the pet is an intruder because of the pet’s movement. This is troublesome. If you encounter this problem, I hope you can directly replace it with a better alarm system, otherwise, it will cause a lot of trouble.

4 Ways To Solve False Alarm: 4. Install Central Monitoring System

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The Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a 24/7 hours intelligent monitoring system and has ultra-high technology to scan all suspicious people and whereabouts and take effective safety measures and behaviours.

The Central Monitoring System (CMS) can integrate the above four points and can be implemented more effectively. The central monitoring system (CMS) monitors your home endlessly, making you feel at ease while working outside. Even if a suspicious person appears, the central monitoring system will quickly send an emergency notification to contact the homeowner, CSI professionals and take action or contact the police. More info.

Central Monitoring System

The central monitoring station is equipped with hardware receivers and central monitoring system software. The central monitoring station software receives the alarm signal, and the signal receiver converts the transmission signal into an alarm signal code and sends it to the central monitoring station software to display the alarm signal code for the CMS operator to view, manage, and catalogue. More Info.

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Over the years, we have embarked to be the best provider of security and surveillance systems for many homeowners and retailers here in Malaysia. All businesses, regardless of size, warrant our full attention and service. We know our clients definitely need to pay extra attention to such intricate security details at their workplace.

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