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#1 Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Johor Bahru Warehouse CCTV

warehouse cctv

It has been a long way for the warehouse CCTV system. As CCTV advances, most CCTV is cloud-based, high-resolution, and powered by AI. Let’s learn how an advanced warehouse CCTV system can enhance the security of your premise.

Compared to other business premises, warehouses have always been dynamic environments. People, equipment, and vehicles will constantly go in and out of the property. This constant activity can pose many risks. There will be security concerns, efficiency issues, and safety risks.

There is an increase in turning to the Internet of Thing (IoT) technology in the industrial organization. This helps to transform their operations and reduce these risks. Research indicates that IoT can improve factory efficiency by up to 25%, improving worker safety.

We will be discussing modern warehouse CCTV in this article. We will touch on the topic, such as the features you should look into and how CCTV can offer benefits beyond security.

What Is A Warehouse CCTV System?

warehouse cctv
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A warehouse CCTV system is a network of devices used to monitor a warehouse. A basic security solution should include CCTV cameras that process video footage and an NVR that records and stores footage.

Many of the NVRs today work with video management software (VMS), which allows users to interact with the footage. An advanced VMS incorporates the latest technology to let you make the most out of your CCTV. Some VMS uses AI to detect motion, people, or clothing. With the intelligent search functionality, it will be easier and faster for you to find the footage you need.

CCTV usually comes in two different forms: dome camera and bullet camera.

How Cloud-Based CCTV Systems Work?

warehouse cctv
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cloud-based CCTV system will be a good option if you are looking for a more advanced and flexible CCTV than the traditional analog CCTV systems. Similar to an analog system, you can set up multiple CCTV with different angles and views. The difference with a cloud-based system is the footage that the CCTV capture will be transmitted to a cloud-based server over the internet instead of the NVR hard drive.

Besides that, you have remote access to the footage, which you can view 24/7 on any device that is connected to the internet.

Warehouse CCTV System Features That You Should Look Out For

warehouse cctv
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Ruggedized design for industrial environments – You will need a more durable CCTV system for your warehouse. People and equipment are exposed to more extreme conditions in an industrial environment, including dust and other contaminants. 

Remote access to the footage – Using an on-premise NVR allows you to access your footage when you are physically on-site and logged into the company’s network. It is very limited for the responsiveness you need, especially if you have multiple premises to manage or you need to access remotely. You can check out a cloud-based NVR to allow you to view remotely and keep your footage safe. 

High definition footage – You may have seen some low-quality CCTV clips in the news where you can barely see what’s happening. Having high-definition footage allows you to review your footage in detail. HD CCTV uses more pixels than low-definition CCTV and allows you to zoom in to see things such as license plates.

Night vision – You will want to ensure your warehouse is still secured during the night. Check that the warehouse CCTV system has night vision functionality. The warehouse CCTV should have infrared lighting that allows you to capture high-quality footage anytime. 

Easy installation, setup, and management – You will want to set up your warehouse CCTV fast. You must find a CCTV that is easy to install for scaling your system across your warehouse or multiple sites. If you are considering to upgrage your CCTV system, ensure it can integrate with your existing CCTV to have less downtime. 

For easy viewing of your footage and investigation incidents, check if your warehouse CCTV has an intelligent video management system that is easy to learn and use.

Benefits Of A Warehouse CCTV System

warehouse cctv
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Increase security – It helps to keep your worksite secure. If there is any incident, supervisors can easily find the right footage and investigate the incident. 

Improve safety – It is common to have workplace injuries, especially at a warehouse or construction site. If your employee is required to wear a safety uniform and harness in some areas, you can easily find out if your employee is following through with the CCTV system. You can address the issue immediately before anything happen. 

Boost efficiency – A business needs to provide quality services with exceptional efficiency and meet customer expectations. If you used to spend time at your warehouse to understand the workflow and identify problems to improve processes, you don’t have to now with a CCTV system. You will get a holistic view of your factory operations anytime and anywhere. 

It isn’t easy to secure your warehouse security. But the help of the warehouse CCTV can ease your job. Remember to identify your needs for your warehouse before getting a CCTV system for your warehouse. You can check out with your service provider.

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