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#1 Central Monitoring System: Best AI Security System

Central Monitoring System (3)

In the era of advanced technology, the development of Ai technology is no longer a rare thing. Instead, Ai technology continues to grow, accelerating the convenience and safety of human society.

Central Monitoring System (CMS) is the best security system of 2022, one of the reasons is the Ai technology system. The following points will explain why the central monitoring system is the best Ai security system.

central monitoring system

1. Old Security System (Physical)


Instead of Ai surveillance closed-circuit television (CCTV), many people have installed traditional CCTV for safety reasons to prevent burglary. For traditional CCTV, you will need to allocate additional monitoring costs, such as hiring someone to play the footage to check if anything has happened. Traditional CCTV can ONLY be used to record video. Read More.

Security Guard

In addition, the security guards are not as reliable as we think. Normally security guards are trained, considering salary, laziness, and physical limitations, they cannot check your home’s safety and property from morning to night. This is why there are still many cases of intrusion of houses in security zones. By the way, there are many reasons to do not to hire security guards anymore.

2. Artificial Intelligence

#1 Central Monitoring System: Best AI Security System

In simple terms, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems and machines that can imitate or replace humans to perform complex tasks and iteratively improve themselves based on the collected information. AI takes many forms, such as:

  • Chatbots use AI technology to understand customer questions more quickly and efficiently and provide more effective use of collected information to answer customers.
  • The intelligent assistant uses AI to parse the key information in the text data set to improve scheduling.
  • The search engine system can personally recommend the user information according to the user’s behavior habits.
#1 Central Monitoring System: Best AI Security System
  • Facial recognition, which uses the facial information registered by the user to perform actions.
  • Automation, using the code previously implanted by the technicians to continue to perform the tasks that were ordered.

AI is a process and ability for super thinking and data analysis. One of the working principles of AI is to prevent attacks. For example, malicious code or techniques used to identify and prevent cyberattacks are just like fingerprints and image databases used to capture criminals. Ai greatly enhances human execution ability and contribution to society. This feature makes it a very valuable asset of modern times. AI is the way to improve your current security system.

3. AI Central Monitoring System

#1 Central Monitoring System: Best AI Security System

The Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a 24/7 hours AI monitoring system and has ultra-high technology to scan all suspicious people and whereabouts and take effective safety measures and behaviours.

The central monitoring system (CMS) can integrate the above three points and can be implemented more effectively. The central monitoring system (CMS) monitors your home endlessly, making you feel at ease while working outside. Even if a suspicious person appears, the central monitoring system will quickly send an emergency notification to contact the homeowner, CSI professionals and take action or contact the police. 

Central Monitoring System

The central monitoring station is equipped with hardware receivers and central monitoring system software. The central monitoring station software receives the alarm signal, and the signal receiver converts the transmission signal into an alarm signal code and sends it to the central monitoring station software to display the alarm signal code for the CMS operator to view, manage, and catalogue. More Info.

CSI solution

Over the years, we have embarked to be the best provider of security and surveillance systems for many homeowners and retailers here in Malaysia. All businesses, regardless of size, warrant our full attention and service. We know our clients definitely need to pay extra attention to such intricate security details at their workplace.

We are one of the leading home security providers in Johor Bahru, Malaysia empowers us to have the experience and true understanding of how security, particularly remote surveillance and access control security, is of uttermost value to any business.

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