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10 Home Security Tips To Protect You From Burglary

10 Home Security Tips To Protect You From Burglary

Home Security Tips to Secure Your Home Against Burglary

Do you know that? A burglary happens every 25.7 seconds in the US and this adds up to over 3.3k cases per day. Can you imagine how worrying this is if happens to your home?


Be proactive than reactive! Here are the 10 top home security tips that can prevent you from becoming the next target!

1. Latch The Door and Windows

This is the first of the 10 home security tips. However, it is also the most important one.

Good habits make a safe home. It seems to be a common thing to do but many people become ignorant when it comes to locking up their front door and windows. Assuming that breaking in through the front door or windows is an obvious thing to do is wrong.

In another way of saying, you are just creating easy access for the burglars. 1/3 of the obtrusion are from the front door; another 1/5 enter through the first-floor window. From here, we can tell the favourite break-in spots for burglars.

2. Update Your Locks

Nope if you think your home is safe from burglary already as you have locked up the door and windows. It’s known that the most common way for intruders to get into your house is by kicking open the door. Your lock might not be as much functioning as you think it would be.

Conduct an inventory now especially if you have not been updated your lock for some time.

Always reinforce your lock from time to time to ensure it is of good function. Consult professionals if you are not sure what type of lock should be installed.


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3. Build A Fence

The next one of the 10 home security tips is to build a fence outside your house.

Burglars are in a hurry so anything that can slow them down is considered a good defence. Other than door and window, the fence is the first choice entrance for burglars. Imagine how grateful they would be for solid brick walls or even no fencing houses.

Some may say a tall hedge could be the perfect hiding spot for them. Thus, your selection plays an important role. A picket fence with sharp points or a chain-link fence could be your best option. It forces the burglars to be in no place to hide and are in the open.

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4. Proper Yard Lighting

A well-lit house is an effective way to deter burglars and keep them at bay as burglars or intruders do not like to be in the spotlight. Keeping your house area bright can also make any suspicious people or activity visible to you and your neighbours.

If there is nobody at home, a motion-sensing light or solar-powered lights would be of great help as it will automatically turn on if any motion is detected or the surroundings are getting dark. Not only does it function without manual operation, it also help to save up electricity.

5. Guard Your Keys Safely

It is getting more common that people keep their hide-a-key under the doormat or a potted plant which makes things much easier for opportunistic burglars. Instead, it is better off giving the extra key to your neighbour or a trusted friend, or better yet, install a combination lockbox and stash it inside. Be on the safe side and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands.

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6. Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight

Do not be flashy with your valuables such as jewellery, cash, ancient paintings etc. Else, you are just literally putting your home at attention and risk. It’s recommended to install a safe, better if bolted to the floor, and keep your most valuable goods and documents inside to leave them out of plain sight. For big items like electronics, if possible, consider locating them somewhere hidden or covered by curtains or blinds to stop passers-by from spotting them. On the outside, try to keep your easy-to-grab stuff locked up or store it in the garage when they are not in use.

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7. Eliminate Hiding Places

The next ultimate tip of the 10 home security tips is to get rid of hiding places near your house.

Consider your yard as a potential hiding spot and the last thing you want is to create a perfect shelter for burglars. So regular trimming and maintenance of the shrubbery around your house are vital, not only to preserve a clean and healthy living environment but also to eliminate the hiding options for the burglars when attempting to break-in.

While trimming is necessary, planting some thorny shrubs around the entrance and walkways has its use to increase the difficulty to break in too.

8.Video Doorbell Camera

Consider the doorbell camera your eyes and ears as it provides you access to the up-to-date surveillance of whoever appears on your doorstep. Through the doorbell camera, you will be able to notice if there is any suspicious person or activity that occurred. Therefore, immediate action can be taken to stop the bleeding or even prevent it from happening.

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9. Security Alarm System

Most security alarm systems in the market now consist of all types of sensors that will assist in detecting crime. Most burglars do not want to be caught so chances are burglars will skip over your place and change to an easier target.

It is not a 100% effective way to put off the intention of burglars to break in one’s house. Nevertheless, 8 out of 10 burglars say that they will normally back off if they notice an alarm system or even just a sign of an alarm company.So it is even the most important tip of the 10 home security tips indeed!

10 Home Security Tips To Protect You From Burglary

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10. Security Camera

The last one of the 10 home security tips is to install a security camera.

Both individual and integrated security cameras have their functions in catching porch pirates in the act and it helps in deterring burglars by warning them someone is watching. The idea of the individual security camera is to have access to visual surveillance of your home, whether you’re home or away. By incorporating a security camera with a home security system, it allows you to check if whatever is triggering the alarm was caused by a genuine emergency.

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Prevention is always better than cure! If you are thinking of installing a home security system to upgrade your home safety, do check out CSI Solution +60126419938 for professional advice and consultation!

10 Home Security Tips To Protect You From Burglary